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Graphic design support

We’re not a small agency, and that makes us perfect for larger clients that have a need for full-on graphic design support that’s quick and won’t let you down. Capacity and capability We work with many clients, such as Gatwick and Kohler, to provide fast-turnaround graphic design services for everything from artworking a business card […]

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Getting your brand strategy right from the start can pay dividends.

Some good brands have developed by chance, but the great brands haven’t. Behind every great brand is an even greater brand strategy, carefully guiding and constantly adapting to the world around it. Here at Toast, we don’t want to create good brands we want to help create great brands that reflect more than just the […]

Brand strategy
Pizza website design

Websites for Food Businesses

If you’re starting a small food-related business or developing an existing one, you’ll already know about the importance of having a website that works. We work will many start-up firms to help make sure that websites for food businesses actually do something. All too often we find websites that look nice but don’t actually perform, […]

Foodie websites
Full service design agency

Looking for a new design agency to make the most from your budget?

Getting the most from your budget is essential. Does your current agency seem to be overcharging and not really helping you get the return on investment you were hoping for? So you are now looking for a new design agency because you might be asking one or more of the following questions: Not seeing much […]

More for your money
Brand Strategy

WordPress User Training Workshop

Learning to use any new application, let alone a global phenomenon like WordPress can be quite a challenge. The choices, in terms of how you learn, are however fantastic these days.  You can download countless e-books and PDF manuals; you can watch YouTube self-help videos til the early hours of the morning – or you […]

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The Embankment Pub branding

What is branding?

It involves every aspect of communication you have with customers, staff and other audiences – so what is branding? Here at Toast, we have developed our own unique approach to delivering branding strategies for our client’s products, services and organisations and answer the question: What is Branding? We don’t believe in just making things look […]

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Don’t have time to write blog posts?

Producing new content for a website can be a time-consuming business. You need to research focus keywords, write the copy, source some images, put it all up on the site and SEO it. One of the main reasons that people don’t publish enough new content to their website is that they don’t have time to write blog […]

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Hubspot for The British Library

It has been a privilege to work with The British Library since last summer getting some inbound marketing initiatives up and running using the HubSpot all-in-one marketing platform. The British Library is a fascinating organisation that seems to blend a kind of membership services organisation with a public service provider, an exhibition operator and small […]

We do HubSpot
The Toast Team

Looking for a new design agency?

Trust is a fundamental part of the relationship between a client and a design agency. If you are looking for a new design agency then it means that something is wrong with your current relationship. When things go wrong it can be down to a number of different factors, which might be: Service levels have dropped […]

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Hubspot and WordPress

Get more from your website with Hubspot and Toast.

Simply ‘having’ a website doesn’t cut it in today’s search and social-fed traffic to your website. Not being able to identify and nurture visits to your site is a huge problem, and not knowing when you’ve achieved a new business conversion directly from your digital efforts is painful. Welcome to Hubspot. Hubspot closes the gap […]

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Branding tips for artisan food producers

We’ve worked with a few food brands recently, all of which can be classed as artisan food producers, and there are two things that they all have in common….

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Food branding

A taste for food brand design

I have a real passion for working with foodie brands, particular the artisan, smaller companies that really care about what they’re producing and have a passion for it.

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Brochure design

Adding that little more to your PDF brochure

Online brochure formats are increasingly becoming more and more popular as they give you the ability to respond to client requests instantly.  The most popular are the PDF brochure format, which can be created from various software packages, but there is a lot more you can utilise from this format that will help enhance the end […]

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Exclusive business conferences

Designing an electronic brochure

There is a lot of terminology being used at the moment regarding electronic brochures, epubs (or electronic publications), e-books (electronic books) and iBooks (Apple’s version of the e-book format). This is mainly due to the fact that each major retailer requires a book or brochure in their preferred format, be it on a Kindle, iPhone, […]

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Online brochures

Online brochures or ‘flippy page’ brochures have different names but fundamentally offer the same thing, the ability to view your brochure online.

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Hubspot and WordPress

Who is visiting my website while I’m on holiday?

I don’t know about you but I never quite manage to fully relax on holiday. There’s always the fear that you’re missing business whilst sunning yourself and if you’re not responding to opportunities this week, then where is your business coming from next month? Just who is visiting my website while I am away?   […]

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Car brochure design

First impressions last with luxury brochure design

In this day and age, with consumers being sold to every minute of the day, it is even more important that you consider every aspect of that FIRST IMPRESSION.

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Who is visiting my website?

When I am talking to marketers and business owners about their website ambitions, one of the most common questions – of course – is ‘who is visiting my website?’ By that, they don’t mean the IP address that Google Analytics gives them, but the actual name of the person visiting the site. Now, as we […]

Find your visitors
Kohler brochure design

Creating great catalogue design

Toast Design have a range of clients that require complex sales tools from folders to niche brochures, but all depend on us to deliver great catalogue design.

Effective catalogue design
Content planning

Content planning

It’s very easy to get all excited about the prospect of a new website, but content planning comes first. There’s no point having a website if no one can find it. Getting found is now far more involved than adding a few generic keywords to your site and proper meta descriptions. Content is king, and […]

Plan your content
WordPress website design and build from Toast

Get more from my WordPress website

We have had a recent rush of companies coming to us and asking “how do I get more from my WordPress website?”.  Push a bit and the bottom line is that the website is not bringing in anything like the business that they expected. So if that is you, then you are not alone by […]

Improve WordPress
SEO Services for small businesses

Outsourced design services for PR agencies

Toast Design provide outsourced design services for PR agencies and they are really happy with the results.

Design for PR agencies
Hubspot and WordPress

What are the benefits of inbound marketing?

A very useful report on inbound marketing in 2013 has been published by inbound experts Hubspot. At a weighty 175 pages there’s quite a lot to wade through – so here in the blog, there is a quick summary of some of the key points.  Update 2017 – There are now more recent reports from […]

Inbound benefits

Charity brochure designers

Brochures need to work hard these days, never has this been truer than with Charity brochures. Getting the most out of your budget isn’t so much a desire as a business prerequisite.

Brochure design for charities
Search engine optimisation

SEO Tips…

Two of the top questions we get asked by companies we meet is “How much should I spend on SEO?” and “What should I be getting from my SEO budget?”. In this blog, I am going to look at the second question and I am going to base my answer on a recent conversation. Identities […]

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Luxury Brochure Design for brands

Here at Toast we have helped our clients sell everything from widgets to thingy-m-bobs but some of the very best luxury brochure design has been driven by prestigious brands…

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Inbound Marketing

Marketing technology trends

The height of Marketing Technology when I was a marketing junior was a nifty invention from Microsoft called Excel. It was the one place to record contacts details, leads from shows, and other prospect lists. If you wanted to track a contact from first connection to a valued customer you had to have a degree […]

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Review your Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing Strategy and Planning

Failing to plan is planning to fail!

Here at Toast/Inboundology we believe that strategy isn’t just important; its essential if you want to achieve the goals you have and hit the targets you’ve set. We combine a range of strategies from Marketing through to Sales & Business strategies to create an Inbound Marketing Strategy that is based on facts rather than desire.

Planning inbound
Icon design

Social media creates traffic, but inbound marketing makes the sale

Reading a recent article on “the Top 10 Social Media Marketing questions from Business Leaders”, the vast majority were still around the general area of “What do I do with it?”. Yet there seems to be a wonderful optimism in marketing that you complete your full set of social media sites and the cash starts rolling in. It’s like the Simpsons’ episode when Homer starts an internet business – a prospect comes in wanting help and Homer pauses a moment and says “Can I have some money now?”.

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creative inbound marketing

Creative Inbound marketing with full strategic support.

Toast are soon to become a UK-based Hubspot Partner. If you thought you knew how your marketing is working, think again…

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