Rebranding Brand Refreshes Corporate Identity updates


If it's time to differentiate your existing brand with a rebrand, it's best done by rebranding experts.

Time to rebrand?

Rebranding can be an evolution of your existing branding or a complete revolution.

Rebranding can be used to reposition a company or simply to replace older, outdated branding.

We help brands through this process, including implementing the rollout of the new branding across all marketing collateral.

Brand refresh: updating what you have already got.

If you’re not looking to completely revolutionise your branding, a brand refresh may be the better option for you.

Refreshing a brand is more about bringing your branding up-to-date to better reflect your position now and for the foreseeable future.

A brand refresh retains a lot of elements of the existing brand but updates them in a sympathetic manner so there is a recognition of the history that’s taken through into the refreshed creative and strategy.

A brand refresh may include work on the logo, or it may be just an update to the corporate identity.

Examples of our brand refresh work would be projects like:

  • Updating a logo and brand colours
  • Exploring font use
  • Updating marketing collateral layout
  • Reworking the company website

All these branding touch points would be sympathetically and carefully redesigned to reflect the new logo and associated elements.

See an example of a brand refresh


We’ve worked with Broadbean for several years, so when it came to refreshing their logo, they asked us.

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Refreshing the logo.

Broadbean wanted to slightly update its logo to make it more modern looking, easier to recognise and more accessible.

This subtle brand refresh saw only minor changes to the logo, but the difference it makes overall is huge.


Broadbean brand refresh

The new logo design.

Broadbean brand refresh

The old logo.

Broadbean Logo Refresh

The overall definition of the logo’s curves was improved.

Broadbean Logo Refresh

The logo font was updated to a cleaner and more defined option. The strapline has also been removed.

Broadbean Logo Refresh

The key line of the logo was addressed to give it more balance and there was a slight alteration to the colour.

Rebranding: A more significant change to your existing brand.

Need a creative revolution?

Rebranding can be a complete change of everything, and these are often larger and more significant projects.

When rebranding, you might be:

  • Changing the company name
  • Reworking your marketing strategy
  • Looking to move your positioning completely
  • Changing your creative direction

Most companies we work with have their own unique requirements for a rebrand, and not all go as far as changing the company name.

Most rebranding projects include work on the logo as well as the corporate identity.

Whatever direction is right for you, we can help with every aspect of the project.

Rebranding example


A complete rebrand project for QVSR to update their logo, corporate identity and marketing materials.

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Rebranding everything.

QVSR asked Toast to rebrand the charity after our work on their Annual Reports over the last three years.

The initial work involved the creation of a new logo and redesigned corporate identity guidelines.

QSVR Rebrand logo design

The new rebranded logo design.

QVSR Old logo before rebrand

The old logo.

QVSR Rebranding Project example

The project included an updated corporate identity.

QVSR Rebranding Project example designs

QVSR Rebranding Project examples

Corporate Identity updates: A new look for your brand.

We help clients update their corporate identity and guidelines.

If your logo is perfect and all your content is spot on, you might just want to give all your marketing and comms materials a fresh new look.

This type of project leaves the logo and content as it is and focuses on the creative application of your corporate identity and other materials.

Mainly creative projects, they’re great fun to work on and can reinvigorate your communications and internal stakeholder passion for your brand.

Corporate identity update example

IMRG: THe UK E-commerce Association.

As part of a large website redesign and development project, we helped IMRG to update its corporate identity.

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Updating Corporate identity.

IMRG was happy with its logo, strapline and overall colour scheme, but the redesign of the association’s website prompted a wider look over the design of its whole corporate identity.

IMRG old corporate identity design

The newly designed look and feel.

The old version.

IMRG Corporate identity before redesign 1

The original corporate identity and the redesign (below).

IMRG Corporate identity before redesign 2

IMRG Corporate identity before redesign 1

IMRG Corporate identity after redesign 4

IMRG Corporate identity after redesign 3

IMRG Corporate identity after redesign 2

IMRG Corporate identity after redesign 1

IMRG Infographics

IMRG Infographics

IMRG Infographics

IMRG Infographics

Getting Corporate rebranding right.

Whatever type of rebranding project we work on, it’s crucial to understand the reasons for doing it.

Equity in any brand needs to be preserved (unless you are trying to completely distance yourselves from your old brand).

Some companies rebrand as a result of internal or external changes that need to be addressed at the top level.

Others want to consolidate what may have become a disjointed corporate identity design into a new logo and a new set of brand guidelines.

Whether the reason is strategic or aesthetic, getting it right is crucial.

We don’t shy away from asking hard questions at Toast: it’s important that a rebrand or brand refresh is started for the right reasons.

These questions result in the right brief and commitment from all the stakeholders.

Rebranding: What we do.

Rebranding and brand refresh projects start with the understanding and the brief.

Firstly we will discuss your plans and objectives for the project.

These can be as simple as updating the creative and design or more complex, such as completely repositioning your brand.

Secondly, we’ll write the brief, or feedback on your supplied brief. This will result in the final approved brief for the project.

What happens next depends on the brief.

For smaller projects, 1-2 designers here at Toast will work with you on the project. Larger rebranding projects can involve the entire team.

If you are looking for a creative refresh, we may just work directly with your internal stakeholders, if it’s a larger piece of work, external market research may be required.

Our approach is based on the objectives, the brief and the budget, so it’s tailored to each client’s specific needs.

We work with large and small businesses so have a sensible approach to budgets: we assign the appropriate amount of internal resources and match the deliverables to the time available.

Talk to Toast about your rebranding, we can help with every aspect of the project.

If you are considering a rebrand, brand refresh or updating your corporate identity, give the creative team a call on 01295 266644 or complete the form.

We’ll get in touch to arrange an initial chat about what you are looking to achieve and how we can help you.

We’ll talk you through our process and answer any questions you may have.