6 interesting PowerPoint template examples.

Slideshows don’t have to be boring – take inspiration from PowerPoint templates that keep audiences engaged.

Even if you’ve never created a PowerPoint presentation, you’ve probably sat through one. And if the creator has 50 slides of boring information cut and pasted into the example templates, you probably don’t remember much about it. PowerPoint presentations don’t have to be a sigh-inducing snooze fest. In fact, they can be a dynamic and engaging way to get your point across.

A good PowerPoint designer can take your message to the next level – here are 6 PowerPoint templates that understand the assignment.

Corporate presentations don’t have to be boring and grey.

Acid lime brings zesty flair to an otherwise straight-laced design. Using a single colour to break up monochrome designs can work really well.

If you’re light on photographs, you can still create eye-catching graphics.

This PowerPoint presentation couples clean lines and sharp infographics to break information down.

This PowerPoint presentation template takes a heavy information load and breaks it down using graphics, charts and tables.

The constantly changing layouts keep it exciting, and the custom icon set helps hold everything together.

This ultra-modern purple template wouldn’t look out of place in a high-end fashion magazine.

The template includes over 30 minimalist slides and would be perfect for presenting new products or creating a fashion lookbook.

In contrast to some of the more professional-looking templates on our list, Scribble demonstrates that you can have some fun with your layouts.

The template is loosely modelled on a comic book layout and would be great for presenting new concepts to kids or young adults.

Sketching is at the heart of what we do, so it was inevitable that we’d fall in love with the hand-drawn stylings of this PowerPoint presentation.

Each element has been carefully crafted to resemble a sketchbook, and although this is a much more involved process, the result is one of the best we’ve seen.

Why do I need a PowerPoint template design?

PowerPoint kindly provides a selection of templates for you to get started with on your projects. Unfortunately, they’re incredibly generic and hardly likely to win over your audience. If you’re serious about making high-quality presentations, it’s time to invest in custom PowerPoint template designs.

We can work with your brief and budget to create a set of branded slides that’ll work for you, including a cover page template, index, a range of content slides and more.

You can then adapt these to suit your content as you work. And next time you need to create a presentation, you’ll have all the building blocks waiting for you.

Kelly Dudley

Kelly Dudley

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