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What is branding?

It involves every aspect of communication you have with customers, staff and other audiences – so what is branding?

Here at Toast, we have developed our own unique approach to delivering branding strategies for our client’s products, services and organisations and answer the question: What is Branding?

We don’t believe in just making things look good they have to work well and deliver noticeable results.

As a professional branding company, we truly believe that your brand has a core business value and as such should be invested in and maintained to ensure continued growth and ongoing benefits.

Over the years we have helped a whole range of clients in a wide variety of sector achieve their goals and targets.

This has included enterprise businesses, charities, pub companies and blue chip global businesses. 


What is Branding

We have a clear process that we employ for all projects here at Toast.

Everything starts with the creative strategy, Define – where we sit down with our clients and work out a clear creative brief, looking at the who, what, where and why for the project.

This ensures that all stakeholders in the project are on board and we have a full understanding of the project and what its goals are.

Then we move onto the creative, the Think stage.

We work with pencils and layout pads initially which allows us to get our big ideas down quickly without getting too precious about stuff.

We then move onto the Do stage, where we take our chosen ideas on screen and through a few stages of refinement we get to the final designs.

This process means whatever your branding needs we can deliver the best possible solution available. we don’t just make it look pretty, which ensures that it works smart too.

If you find yourself asking ‘what is branding’, we can help.

Another good explanation and further reading for branding can be found here on Wikipedia.

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