Packaging design.

Packaging design

Whether it’s food or product packaging, we can help you with every aspect of the project.

Impact is everything.

Whatever your product, we can help you create a packaging design that’s on-brand and gets your product flying off the shelves.

Packaging design should be viewed as an extension of your branding.

There’s no point designing an amazing logo and then trying to slap it on some packaging.

On top of this, you also need to consider the physical aspects of the packaging, legal requirements and labelling.

We have the experience you need to get every aspect of your packaging design right from day one.

Let’s be honest – selling projects (especially food products) is cut-throat. Whilst what you are packaging obviously has to be spot on (whether it’s food or some other type of product), it’s your packaging design that can make or break it.

As you’ll be well aware, your packaging is the first thing that a consumer engages with. Before they taste or use your product, it’s the design of the packaging that makes them pick it up in the first place.

Failure to connect at this level with your target market means you’ve failed completely.

This is where our packaging designers come in. We’ll create the impact that your product packaging needs to engage with your target customer and get them to pick up your product.

Packaging designers

Knowing your market is crucial.

No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to sell your product to a market that does not want it.

You can have some of the most amazing packaging designs in the world, but if you’re talking to the wrong people, or trying to sell something your market simply does not need, no matter how awesome your packaging is, it will not work.

Before we engage you in any packaging design project we’ll help you to explore your sector, the market and your target customer to create an overview of everything before we design anything.

We strongly recommend a branding/product workshop. This will help us to fully understand what should drive your packaging design and ensure that we don’t create anything too similar to products already out there.

Packaging design experts

Considered creativity is key.

Once all the groundwork has been done, the creative work starts.

As with all our projects, we work initially on paper to sketch out potential design directions without burning through the project budget.

This approach to packaging design means that we can explore lots of different ideas and share them with you before we start to concentrate on the finer details.

One thing that is very important to remember here is that you might not be your target market. You might not like things that the research has shown your target market to like. It’s crucial that the creative packaging design stages are based firmly on the knowledge of your market and not too much on personal preferences.

This isn’t to say that you won’t love the final design, but with packaging (especially in the FMCG sector) trends can influence design – you should see your packaging as something that will evolve over time to continually improve its appeal to the ever-changing market.

This approach does vary from product to product – you might need packaging for something aimed at a fickle trend-based market, so our packaging design solution should offer flexibility, growth and development.

Alternatively, your market might be adverse to trends and looking for a timeless classic approach – in this case, we’d be looking to create a design that has longevity and transcends trends.

Whatever your market or product, the creative stages of the project are both the most exciting and important.

Example of packaging design

The physical aspects.

Along with the design, there are also the physical aspects of your packing design.

We’ll work on these as part of the creative, looking at size, shape, materials and a wide range of other factors that come into play.

They key with the physical aspects of your packaging is to fit within budget targets without compromising quality.

A good example of this is the packaging we created for Ross & Ross Foods – they had two jars of different sizes that needed to be shelf-ready on a shoestring budget.

Our solution was a clever product wrap that held both jars firmly in place, but at the same time was cost-effective to produce.

Creativity in packaging design is not limited to the exterior graphics – we’ll help you to explore all the possibilities including materials, budget-friendly design and labelling options.

Packaging design example

How we can help you.

Wherever you are on your branding and packaging journey, we can help.

From creating new packaging to improving existing packaging design, we work with both challenger and iconic brands to develop effective and environmentally-sound packaging designs.

For some clients, we create the logo, branding and corporate identity guidelines and then apply this to packing and for others with established brands, we focus just on the pack design work.

We have trusted partners for production and see projects through, end-to-end.

If you represent a Food or Drink brand, you might like to check out our dedicated website for Food and Drink Branding and Packaging.

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