Oxfordshire Design Agency for Marketing Professionals.

Marketing professionals have enough stresses and pressures on them without their design agency causing more.

Toast is a full-service Oxfordshire design and marketing agency and we truly appreciate the various demands put on hard working marketing teams and we’ve evolved our offering to reflect this. We understand that busy marketers do not want (or have the time or budget) to worry about their design agency partners and their effectiveness.

For almost two decades, Toast has worked with everyone from Heads of Departments to Directors and Managers in various Marketing, Brand, Communications, Product and Digital teams.

Each and everyone has benefitted from dealing directly with the designer who was working on the project, cutting out the need for additional project management and its potential delays and cost implications. This ability to work one-on-one with the designer has proved most popular with professional marketers, the ones who appreciate the benefits of doing so, namely:

  • Efficiency – Because of the established process that we follow here at Toast and the project management tools that we use, it means there’s less delay with projects, no lost amends and no confusion, making the most of deadlines and budgets. We’re easy to work with which makes our clients lives easier.
  • Harder working creative solutions – Because we take the time to understand our clients, their brands and goals, we can work smartly and efficiently. This can mean that everything created by any of the team is well thought-through with no guesswork. By working directly with creatives our clients get to where they want to quickly and efficiently, which is better for everyone.
  • Ownership – We encourage all of our team to take ownership of their projects, the right people work on the right projects and they’re proud of their work. We’re happy to lead projects when required and other times collaborate with our clients to achieve what’s best for the project.

If you’re looking for a new agency, get in touch for a chat through your requirements.

The proof is in the pudding.

All of our clients can relate to the above points, but a great example of this was the work we did with KFC CEE. The team at KFC CEE had a roster of agencies and were not necessarily looking for a new agency, but did require a fresh approach with regards to their branding toolkit for new franchise owners across Europe. Toast was willing to offer that honest opinion and combined with our straightforward approach, even to global brands, worked with them to create a suite of in-store graphics that reinforced the core values of The Secret Recipe, The History of KFC and The Cook is King.

These concepts were developed through sketches and finally developed into the final artwork that was rolled out to the first new store in KFC Latsia, Cyprus. At every stage, the KFC marketing team responsible for this project worked directly with the Toast team to ensure that both tactical marketing objectives and underlying brand strategies were applied and achieved.

Toast Site KFC Work Image 5

Initial sketched concepts

Toast Site KFC Work Image 2

Final design

Toast Site KFC Work Image 4

Final design in-store

“Toast has seized the brief to come up with some fresh thinking that will give customers new insight into what makes KFC such an enjoyable experience. Their work clearly conveys our core brand values: natural, authentic and high quality, and gives us a platform which we can adopt globally in the future.”
Austin Cooke, Development Director for KFC CEE

So, how can we help you?

If you are looking for a design partner rather than just another supplier, Talk to Toast today on 01295 26 66 44. We would love to have a chat and discuss how we could best help you achieve your goals, whether that is to sell more, advise, educate or persuade.

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Chris Tymon

Chris Tymon

Chris is a founding Creative Director at Toast and works across Food Branding and design work for clients in the food sector.