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About Toast.

Toast design agency was founded in 1997 by three founding partners.

We’re based in Banbury, Oxfordshire (just an hour outside London) and we work with small and large clients across the UK.

We currently have a team of 14 qualified staff with a diverse set of skills, from art working to web design and everything in-between.

We work with marketers, marketing departments and individuals to provide all the creative services they need under one roof.

We save our clients time and money and we improve the consistency of their communications.

What we do.

Toast is a full-service design and marketing agency. We offer branding, good-old graphic design, inbound marketing and website design and build.

Our team has experience in working on a wide range of projects, from small art working jobs to larger projects encompassing branding, print and digital.

Our real strength is our ability to effectively provide everything you need from our 14 staff, three floors and one building.

We know you need an agency that will help you with the small stuff as well as the larger projects. That’s us.

About Toast

How we work.

We have specialist teams across branding, print, websites, inbound marketing and content and we’ve been providing these services for many years. All our clients get to work directly with the creative team; not just designers, but creatives with expert knowledge & experience across multiple sectors, projects, and media. We have a hands-on approach to account management, where experienced designers look after every need for our clients.

Our approach has helped hundreds of businesses grow in thousands of different ways. From enterprise level businesses to well-known, household brands.

Our Process.

Every good design agency has ‘their process’, However, the process that we follow for every project here at Toast is one that we have developed over many years and we know that it works.
We can honestly say that it ensures each project runs smoothly, keeps everyone up-to-date, achieves it’s objectives and is beneficial to our clients, it makes their lives easier. 

Our process is very much a collaborative one and employs a layered approach, so no one gets too precious about ideas during the early stages of the project. We see it as our job to generate lots of ideas and work with our clients to form these into a hard-working design that does what it needs to do.

Marketing Agency
We are Toast

Our Expertise.

Our team have a wide range of expertise, from Brand Strategy, Logo Design and Brand Identity to Brochure & Print Design, Packaging Design, Websites and Inbound Marketing. Many of our clients have relied on us to deliver every aspect of these services at some time or another, trusting us year after year to deliver fresh creative solutions that help them keep their marketing materials effective and achieve their goals.

Our Commitment.

Our commitment to our clients is that we bring dedication, honesty, respect, passion, enthusiasm, understanding, knowledge and of course, ideas to every project.

This means that our clients have complete trust in us to deliver and maintain high standards, we’re very reliable. We’re committed to our clients, always put them first and never take them for granted.

We work with a wide range of business, from startups to established brands and everyone in-between.

Over 20 years, we’re proud to have worked with lots of different clients, many for a long time.
What we do remains the same – our passion for creating the best work for the best people.

Are we the right agency for you?

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