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Designing an electronic brochure

There is a lot of terminology being used at the moment regarding electronic brochures, epubs (or electronic publications), e-books (electronic books) and iBooks (Apple’s version of the e-book format).

This is mainly due to the fact that each major retailer requires a book or brochure in their preferred format, be it on a Kindle, iPhone, Blackberry or iPad. Although efforts are being made to standardise this format, what it offers the viewer from a graphic and visual perspective is still very limited on certain devices. Designing an electronic brochure starts with identifying exactly which format is best for your specific needs.

From a design perspective (and trying not to get too technical) at the moment there are two routes you can take:

  1. epub – this is based on an HTML format and is designed for e-readers (such as the Kindle) and displays the content as text, enabling the viewer to change the size and font of the text. Images can also be inserted into the text but have very limited formatting/layout capabilities.
  2. iBook – this format is Apple’s version of the epub but with more capability for design, layout and interaction. While you can create basic books, you can also add more interactive elements making it more than an e-reader. The downside to this extra functionality is that you can only view this on Apple hardware such as the iPad.

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What can Toast offer

We can create both formats but this all depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you want to convert your book to an electronic version to sell on sites like Amazon, then the epub format is the way to go. If you are looking more towards an interactive, visually appealing brochure then the iBook format is best providing you are happy this will only work on Apple devices.

 electronic brochure

What are the benefits of the iBook format?

1. Add movie clips

2. Add interactive forms

3. View full page images and navigate image libraries

4. Zoom in and change orientation of page

5. View inbuilt slide show/gallery

6. Upload to the iTunes store to sell or distribute for free

How can this relate to my product/service?

This all depends on what you are trying to achieve. If your target audience is at the forefront of technology, a younger demographic, into the Apple chic or is just looking for something better than a PDF then this format is the solution. Electronic brochures can help your service, product, event or publication in different ways:

1. Service – present your offering on an iPad, making it interactive

2. Product – include short videos demonstrating the main selling points of your product

3. Event – include diagrams of the location, timetables and prices

4. Publications – convert your magazine into a stunning interactive version, pushing your publication onto the next level

Creating electronic brochures isn’t the golden ticket and should just be a part of an overall marketing plan. Toast are experts in providing well designed and functional electronic brochures for companies, so why not talk to us today about how we can help you create your electronic brochures.

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