WordPress for small businesses.

WordPress for small businesses makes good sense.

While the platform is perfectly at home as a CMS for many enterprise-level businesses, it’s also a perfect starting point for any small business site – it provides a rock-solid platform, allows you to manage your own content and can be scaled up as your online marketing grows.

Below are several points to consider when you’re thinking about moving to WordPress.

Toast can help your business win more work online with WordPress. We can help you to plan your site, design it and build a fully responsive WordPress-powered site that will work hard for you.

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Making your WordPress site work for you

It’s very easy to build a bad WordPress site. One of the strengths of the CMS is its ability to get you up-and-running very quickly, but an ill-planned site will be dead in the water when launched. Off-the-shelf themes also offer a hugely tempting array of possible designs and templates to give you a ‘website’ but again, that’s all you get.

The whole point of having a website is to win new clients, customers and business – if you’re thinking WordPress and not considering what you’ll do with your site post-launch, you may like to talk to us about marketing your site.

Website = Brochure = Fail

Brochures are static, websites are not. Unlike printed materials, your website should change and evolve. WordPress allows you to publish content all the time – you’re not fixed to a set number of pages or a print deadline, but all this opportunity needs to be researched, planned, optimised and tracked.

Done properly, a well-managed website will win you new business by bringing you customers that never knew they needed you.


wordpress for small businesses

If it’s not about the content, it’s not worth doing

The design and build phase of a WordPress website is a small part of a much bigger process. Content rules the internet and should always come first when planning a site. What it looks like is the exciting bit, what’s on it is the important bit. You’ll already know more than you think you do about what should go on the site.

We can help you to think about and plan your content, the types of people you want to market to and how to convert these visitors into customers. This is crucial to the success of your site.

Start small, think big

One of the main reasons we’re so passionate about WordPress for small businesses is its ability to grow. A well designed and built site with great content can grow easily into a larger site with lots of niche-targeted content to get people in and convert them to prospects.

Today you might have a ten-page website, in 12 months time you might (should) have 50 pages of content that are all working very hard at getting you found.

It really isn’t rocket science, but it does take some thinking about and planning. We can help with all that.

Find out what works and do more of that

How easily can you pinpoint return on investment across all your marketing channels? It’s vital to know what works for you. WordPress and some other clever techniques can start to show you how well your site content is working and, more importantly, what effect it’s having on your bottom-line.

We work with our clients to highlight areas of growth that have positive effects and we do more of it. The more you do, the better it gets.

Find out more

We are huge advocates of WordPress for small businesses and the difference it can make for small business websites. Investing properly in your site is one of the most important things that you can do to get more business from the internet. If you’d like to find out more about our services, drop us a line.

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David Foreman

David Foreman

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