Creating brand consistency in Marketing Materials.

How to create brand consistency in marketing materials

Due to the high level of integration that is now demanded by modern marketing campaigns, it is now obvious that brand consistency is important in your marketing collateral. Brand consistency should be achieved across not only the campaigns but the underlying strategy.

So why is brand consistency important in marketing materials?

The importance of consistency of brand across marketing materials is most obvious when it is not there. If you have ever been confused by a promotion that doesn’t seem to be created and managed by the same company, if you have ever received a direct mail pack with several different elements that don’t work together or if you have clicked on an advert only to be directed to a page that looks and says something different – then you know the effect that lack of consistency creates. Confusion and distrust are not welcome in any marketing campaign!

So how do you achieve brand consistency in marketing materials?

There is no simple answer to this but we would suggest the following 3 points as being the very minimum.

1 – Appreciate that brand consistency is a good thing that needs to be achieved across your strategy and plans.

Believe it or not, the first thing is to gain a consensus that brand consistency is essential. The biggest enemy to consistency is indifference if any member of your team does not appreciate why it is important then they need to be briefed. Lack of consistency can cost you time, money and success at the minimum, at worst it could work against you and your efforts. Get everyone one onboard and everything will be a lot easier.


2 – Create or update your brand guidelines.

Whether this is a simple audit or a complete overhaul, a brand workshop could help you to investigate, discuss and agree exactly what your brand values, vision, mission, positioning and more are. Once these elements are agreed, you can then record these in a detailed and clear set of brand guidelines. A good set of branding guidelines will provide detailed information on how to reproduce any logos, what colours and fonts to use along with guidance on every aspect of the brand and its use. Basically, how your brand should appear every time it is applied, no matter what channel is used.

Brand guidelines

3 – Develop and deliver your brand strategy.

The brand guidelines should outline and define the visual application of the brand but your strategy should reflect how your brand plans to grow, develop and achieve its goals. We could help you create a working document that defines your strategy and shows how it applies to your brand positioning, Tone of Voice, etc. This means that you know exactly how you are going to apply your brand and more importantly what you hope to achieve by doing so.

So, if you want to improve the brand consistency of your marketing materials you can follow these 3 simple steps, or if you would like to know more, talk to us on 01295 266 66 44 or click on the link below.

Simon Browne

Simon Browne

Simon works on strategy, planning, content and SEO at Toast. An experienced copywriter and website content planner, he helps our clients get the best out of their copy and websites.