Website planning

Website planning isn’t always the most exciting part of the project.

However, if you don’t plan your website properly, you will find that ranking for important keywords and getting new business from your site is more difficult.

Invest in website planning.

At Toast, we are big advocates of planning websites and take time during the early stages of every website project to plan out content, structure and keywords.

This results in better websites that rank for more keywords and bring our clients more new business.

Improve your site speed with managed hosting

Improve your site speed with managed hosting

Site speed is one of the most important factors in getting ranked in Google. If your site is slow it will have a direct impact on your rankings. If your site isn’t as quick as you think it should be, we can improve your site speed with managed hosting. We know that trying to improve […]

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Website planning site build

Website planning – the stages of a website project

If you are thinking about getting a new website, read on to find out how a good website planning process will make it more effective. Web design and build can be quite complicated. It’s very important to plan your site way before you get involved in any design or build – this will help to […]

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Brand Workshop

Planning your WordPress website

How you plan your new website is crucial to make it work hard and win you new business.  It’s often said that planning, designing and building a new website is only 25% of what you should be doing online. That means, even once you’ve got your shiny new website live, you still have three times […]

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