How can I edit my brochure?

How can I edit my brochure?

You brief a design agency to create your company brochure for you. You’re really happy with the results, however, later down the line you need to update some of the information and make edits. How do I edit my brochure?

Option one

You can go back to your designer and get them to make any changes you wish to make. This can be done by marking up a pdf of your brochure with annotated comments, using track changes in a word document or listing the amends in an email.

Option two

You can ask your designer to supply you with the original design file which will most likely have been created in Adobe Indesign. You will then need this software and the knowledge of how to use it in order to edit your brochure.

Option three

When you initially brief your designer you could ask them to create a template for you in Microsoft Powerpoint. This then allows you to make changes going forward if you don’t have the expertise in using professional design software. The disadvantages of using Powerpoint is that design options are reduced as the program isn’t capable of achieving the same results as using Adobe Indesign for instance.

Which is the best option?

This really depends on the company or individual. At Toast we always ask our clients to consider how often they will need to make changes to their brochure. It’s also important to consider that editing the brochure yourself may not always be the most cost-effective because of the cost to purchase and download the software and the time it takes you to make those changes. Those without the expertise may spend a large amount of time making edits which could be better spent being directly involved in the business.

Looking for something different?

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David Foreman

David Foreman

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