Some helpful tips when creating your next newsletter design.

Newsletters have always been the go-to option for marketing design teams that want to update or advise their various audiences.

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The popularity of this format of marketing material is one of its biggest challenges when creating a new one. The question often lost is how do you make the newsletter engage with your audience?

If you are looking for inspiration and search google for newsletter formats then there is a huge number of posts, such as “free printable newsletter templates” or “print newsletter templates”, which can be useful but are very rarely the answer. The format and layout should be an outcome of the design process and driven by the content. Some useful tips to consider are:

Creating interest and interaction

It’s easy to create a newsletter that informs but a newsletter that gets feedback from your audience is far more valuable. You can use this information to tailor future issues to answer concerns, highlight product launches, inform of updates and provide useful tips and help. There are several tried and tested ways of getting feedback, such as quizzes, competitions and free price draws, but is there something unique you can offer?


Is it a simple 2-sided newsletter, or is it a roll fold or gatefold or is it more than 4 printed pages? There is no limit to the number of pages, but newsletters are usually shorter as content is usually time-sensitive and based in the now.

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Choice of paper

The weight and type of paper used should be considered when engaging with an audience. Also environmental considerations are becoming ever more important; specifying FFC sustainable paper or recycled paper can help this.

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Print or not to print?

Newsletters these days are often designed to be sent across several channels so need to be capable of being sent a PDF or as an email. Ensure your design works well in both print and digital. What are your audience expecting, what is the best format for them to receive this.

How are you sending this out?

If your newsletter is printed, then how does the newsletter get to your audience? Do you place this in an envelope, a clear plastic sleeve or some sort of customised container? If digitally, are you emailing this direct from your email account with an attached PDF or creating an html version for people to view?

Build in features

All good newsletter will have consistent feature articles, something to look forward to in the next issue. Some have features that offer help or tips that can be staggered over a number of issues. Create interest with a story, case study or article that your audience can relate to, bringing a human element to your newsletter. Make it fun to read.

The above are just a few considerations when creating a newsletter. A good designer will consider these and a lot more as part of a detailed creative brief. If you want to your next newsletter to really stand out and achieve your marketing goals then talk to us today, we would love to hear about what you are looking to achieve.

Simon Browne

Simon Browne

Simon works on strategy, planning, content and SEO at Toast. An experienced copywriter and website content planner, he helps our clients get the best out of their copy and websites.