Get more from my WordPress website.

We have had a recent rush of companies coming to us and asking “how do I get more from my WordPress website?”.

Push a bit and the bottom line is that the website is not bringing in anything like the business that they expected. So if that is you, then you are not alone by any means!

What has surprised us is that most think that the website just needs a “refresh” – maybe a different theme or design – maybe a few new products or services to kick it into life?

  • The answer is not to “pretty up” the website
  • The answer is not to have an SEO company give it the once over and charge a fortune
  • The answer is not to add more content just to bulk it up

So what is the answer?

The answer comes from listening carefully to the search engines and what they are looking for – which is content. Content that is relevant and content that is in context with everything else your organisation is doing online.

Once we take the company through a content strategy workshop process and start to get them to think about who they want to attract to the website, and what questions those people may be looking to have answered, the penny drops!

The realisation is that they can now see that their WordPress Mark 1 website is simply a catalogue of everything they are – in effect all about themselves. The only call-to-action is a “contact us” form. Instead, we look at how their WordPress website should be set up as part of their inbound marketing process.  That is:

  • content that attracts visitors
  • content that converts visitors into leads and
  • content that invites a close when appropriate to do so

The result is not only a nicely designed, and highly functional website  – thanks to the plethora of WordPress capabilities and plugins – but a website that connects to the visitor right from the front page. The website structure and content then serve to invite them on a buying journey as they follow the new calls-to-action that jump out on the page.

Final stages

The final stage is to make them recognise that their fantastic new website will only ever count something like 25% towards being found on the internet*.

So around the WordPress website, we build an inbound marketing calendar that plots the creation of matching the content on blogs and social media sites and any other online marketing channel – all of which will point to the buying journeys created within the website.

So the new WordPress website acts as the anchor of all activity – but every bit of content created fits together with a common purpose.

If this rings true when you look at your own current website, then why not book the content strategy workshop with us and get your website working for you and your customers.

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[*Source: Hubspot –learning SEO from the experts]

David Foreman

David Foreman

Dave is the MD at Toast and has been working on branding, creative and web development projects for over 25 years. He's a founding member of Toast and enjoys a good rant.