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We provide managed website hosting services - we take care of everything from DNS to optimisation.

Better hosting means a better ranking website

So you’ve spent time and money getting a new site developed and the web optimisation is done – don’t stop there – your website hosting is just as important as your website.

If you’re wondering why your new site, with all its content and SEO, is failing to rank for even the simplest of keywords, it could be the fault of your hosting arrangements.

There’s no such thing as free website hosting.

Ok, so there probably is, but why go to all the trouble of making your website as good as it can be to try then and host it on a cheap-as-chips account?

It’s well known that website speed is a key factor in Google’s algorithm when deciding what websites to rank where.

Using cheap website hosting can mean that your site is facing an uphill struggle as free or cheap hosting accounts will affect the following:

  • Time to first byte – this is how long it takes your server to deliver the first data to the visitor’s browser – this includes the time it takes to connect (the wait) and the time taken to respond
  • Delivery of the data – how long it actually takes the server to serve up the files to the browser
  • How well your site is ranked – is your site sitting on the same server as a load of spammy websites? Google will not like that.

Web hosting comparison is difficult.

There are literally 1000s of web hosting companies out there, so choosing the right one can almost be guesswork.

While it’s always tempting to go with a discount or a slightly cheaper rate, this can be detrimental in the long run.

At Toast, we’ve been working with websites since the late ’90s. We’ve only ever seriously used three hosting companies – we’ve tried over 30 – but we now have trusted providers that help us improve the effectiveness of the sites we look after.

We’ve only ever seriously used three hosting companies – we’ve tried over 30 – but we now have trusted providers that help us improve the effectiveness of the sites we look after.

We strongly believe that we’ve found some of the best web hosting for small business sites and larger corporate websites.

Best website hosting for WordPress and other options

When it comes to WordPress hosting, it’s best to have two things – firstly an agency that fully understands your WordPress install, and secondly, a hosting company that understands the unique requirements of hosting WordPress websites.

When we host your website, your site will live on what we think is some of the best UK website hosting. 

We use UK-based data centres (as well as global CDNs) and we are your first point of contact for anything hosting related.

For non-WordPress sites, there are alternative types of web hosting available so we can discuss the options – whatever your site is built with.


Website hosting

Hosting reviews – you can’t always trust them.

It is virtually impossible to find a hosting company in the UK (or anywhere for that matter) that has zero negative reviews.

With so many different factors that can affect the hosting of your website such as:

  • The number of other sites on the server
  • The likelihood of other sites getting hacked and affecting yours (on shared servers)
  • Large-scale DDOS attacks on the entire hosting company
  • The security of passwords
  • Outdated software and plugins

What we’ve found that matters most, is that when something goes wrong it’s a) fixed as quickly as possible and b) you are kept in the loop at all times.

It can be incredibly frustrating if your website is slow, unresponsive or down – and dealing with technical support can sometimes make this worse.

This is why we prefer to host the sites that we’ve built, and the ones we look after on our own hosting accounts and act as your first point of contact should there be any issues.

Why host with Toast?

We look after everything – from DNS and email to your website and the server. Should anything go wrong, you can call our team and we’ll get on it right away.

We also have our own server support staff that are responsive and (as we are a big customer) we get preferential treatment.

We’ve found that simply by moving sites to our hosting we improve the Page Speed score of that website by up to twenty points – good hosting really does make a difference.

Want to get better hosting? Contact us below or call 01295 266644.

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