Biggest PR challenges in 2018?

What are the biggest PR challenges 2018?

Biggest PR challenges 2018?  Public Relations professionals appreciate an agency that understands the pressures they are under.

The biggest PR challenges in 2018 include:

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  1. Fake news – thanks to well-known advocates of the term, ‘Fake News’ or facts that you disagree with will continue to impact on professionals working in media around the globe. Legitimate material will continue to come under additional scrutiny and weaknesses in content or presentation will be used to discredit or undermine authenticity, but by working closely with your design partner you should be able to mitigate this.
  2. The budget squeeze continues – due to instability in markets and concerns about short term future means that very few budgets have increased, yet as ever the pressure to do more with less continues.
  3. Greater competition – as new agencies start-up and freelancers appear more attractive to clients looking for cost savings as budgets stagnate or shrink.
  4. Greater integration – PR professionals are working closer than ever with digital teams and content teams to maximise the impact and effectiveness of integrated campaigns.
  5. Infographics – time-poor audiences are demanding more information in easily digestible and shareable formats. Infographics are very shareable and easily understood; they can spread through social media marketing in ways that written information cant.
  6. Information overload – as great as the internet is, it has spawned millions of sources of potential confusion or misleading information that sit alongside professional and reputable providers. The need to differentiate from these sources as well as recognised competitors is only ever increasing.

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Considering these pressures, it becomes even more important that you have a design partner you can trust. Toast has worked with PR professionals for years and we understand exactly how they work, the pressure they are under and how best to support them.

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Simon Browne

Simon Browne

Simon works on strategy, planning, content and SEO at Toast. An experienced copywriter and website content planner, he helps our clients get the best out of their copy and websites.