How to get the best from a branding workshop.

As with many things in life, what you get is very dependent on what you put in! The same is true for branding workshop activities.

What are the key stages of a branding workshop?

Every branding or design agency will have its own unique approach to facilitating a branding workshop, but they tend to follow a core structure:

  • Research
  • Investigation
  • Development
  • Delivery

Branding workshops are often undertaken between the research/investigation stages.

Important branding workshop questions to ask.

If you can, ask your chosen branding team to outline exactly what they require or are looking for in each stage.

In the initial stages, the branding team try to really get to know the challenges and get under the skin of the requirements. This is the best time to provide anything that could benefit the branding process, as it’s a lot harder to incorporate new findings later on.

Be wary of branding workshop PDFs that outline agendas and requirements, as they may restrict the creative brief later on.

So, what does a branding workshop agenda look like?

Brand workshop agendas can vary from one team to another, but to help illustrate what an agenda could be like, here is an outline we provide to our customers:

Download Phase.

  • Stakeholders
  • Current Situation/Processes
  • Brand Overview
  • Product Overview
  • Core Values
  • Customer personas

Positioning Phase.

  • Brand Words
  • look & Feel
  • Vision, Mission, Personality, TOV and Style
  • Oneliness Statement

This is not fixed and can be edited to fit your brand’s requirements. Flexibility is essential to avoid rigid processes that feel a little impersonal and machine-like.

Work WITH your branding team.

The best way to get the most out of any brand workshop is to work closely with your branding team. Be honest and straightforward with them, and be prepared to discuss the bits you don’t agree with. In return, you need to be open to the process.

Our specialist subject is the branding process, but we cannot match a client’s understanding or knowledge of products, services and culture.

Keep in mind that everyone is working towards the same goal: the very best brand possible.

Look further and challenge a fancy branding workshop presentation.

When looking for a branding team, you should be bold and challenge them from day one before you make your final choice.

Look beyond their pitch and ask about other workshops they might offer in the future; ask for their brand strategy workshop PDF or for details on their visual branding workshop if they are offered and ensure you are getting the right branding workshop for you.

Any branding team worth their salt will be encouraged and happy to respond to any questions and queries you may have.

So why use Toast?

Toast will work with you from day one to establish a vision of your brand, product or service that means something, not an arbitrary statement that can be mistaken for anyone else or a glib reference that inspires no one.

If you are interested in how our brand strategy workshop could work for you, it’s best to chat briefly about your requirements. You can give us a call on 01295 266644 or get in touch below.

Simon Browne

Simon Browne

Simon works on strategy, planning, content and SEO at Toast. An experienced copywriter and website content planner, he helps our clients get the best out of their copy and websites.