10 Tips to achieve the best poster design.

Want to know Toast’s poster design ideas?

The following tips outline our thoughts on what makes a good poster design and avoid having to rely on free poster design templates which aren’t worth the money!

Here are our Top 10 Tips that are guaranteed to help you achieve better poster design.

1. Get inspired

Check out any good poster design examples you can find or creative poster ideas you have seen and use that inspiration in your creative brief.

2. Maintain Focus

Have a very clear idea of exactly what you want the poster to achieve, if that is brand-building or clear communication a special message or promotion. Keep referring to it as it is easy to let it slip.

3. Get Personal

Keep your target audience in view and speak to them directly. Knowing exactly the persona that you are talking to will make it a lot easier to apply poster design rules and engage them and capture their attention.

4. Go Away

Get some distance and consider the size and location of your poster. If you know the distance that they will be away from your poster, this will dictate the scale of not only the poster but the key messages and level of detail.

5. Design defines the direction

This includes the Art Direction of images needed. If you design your poster around an image, that image will be the primary message. Choose images by design, not vice versa.

6. Be Bold with Typography

And no I don’t mean SHOUT everything. I mean choose your type carefully, whether using a corporate font to build brand consistency or a striking new font to capture the eye: BE Bold

7. Leave  s p a c e

Use space to focus the eye on key elements or messages. Don’t fall into the trap of filling up every square inch, unless that information has to be on there.

8. Create Conflict

Visually that is. Use contrasting colours to create a dynamic layout and emphasis the important elements of the poster. Choosing the right colours can really help a poster stand out from its background.

9. Bigger isn’t always better

The size and format (landscape, portrait, banner or skyscraper etc) need to be considered as posters are often accompanied by digital versions in online adverts or digital screens. It is essential to know this upfront rather than trying to squeeze a design into an unfamiliar format.

10. Get connected

Printed posters can still engage audiences and drive them online with the clever use of QR codes or AR content (Augmented Reality) or even Bluetooth adverts. If this is a chosen route it could mean you have to put less copy in your design and free up space.

Toast has helped clients to create poster designs that have helped to sell, advise, promote or educate thousands of people from all sections of life.

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Simon Browne

Simon Browne

Simon works on strategy, planning, content and SEO at Toast. An experienced copywriter and website content planner, he helps our clients get the best out of their copy and websites.