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Online brochures

Online brochures, electronic brochures, ‘flippy page’ brochures or virtual brochures all have different names but fundamentally offer the same thing, the ability to view your brochure online electronically and interactively.

There are several methods to create online brochures, all using certain software solutions which contain different functions and benefits but most include the ability to flick through pages, search content or link through to online content

What are the benefits of online brochures?

There are several benefits in providing your clients with the ability to view an online version of your brochure:

  1. Instant – view your products or information instantly without the need of waiting for a printed version in the post
  2. Social media – people can view and share your online brochure via sites like Facebook and Twitter instantly
  3. Printing – you can download and print specific pages if required
  4. Add to a website – embed the online brochure code onto your website page, adding that little extra wow factor

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Why should I do this?

The promotion of your brochure shouldn’t stop once it is printed, this is just the first stage. By creating an online brochure version it will:

  1. Increase visibility – reach a larger audience
  2. Promote – create links to your online brochure via emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  3. Understanding – this format might also help your potential client visualise your offer

 online brochure

So how do I get my brochure to do this?

Toast are experts in converting your printed brochure into an online brochure version and have done this for many clients (examples can be seen on our website in the brochure section). There are several stages we take to ensure that the online brochure fits within your marketing aims, these steps include:

  1. Format – designing pages so they work in an online format
  2. Method – which software to use that is compatible with your website/system
  3. Creating – creating a file that is ready to upload to the chosen system 
  4. Inserting – providing the code generated from the software to insert into your website page

Creating online brochures isn’t the golden ticket and should just be a part of an overall marketing plan. Toast are experts in providing well designed and functional online brochures for companies, so why not talk to us today about how we can help you create your online brochures.

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