Food Branding.

Food Branding

The best food branding is created by being passionate about combining the right ingredients in the correct way.

At Toast we are genuinely passionate about food branding and packaging.

We believe there is a strong connection between foodies and designers, we’re both passionate about what we’re doing, the ingredients that we use and are fanatical about the benefits of what we produce, we’re food branding specialists.

Food Branding Experts

Ethical Food Co.

Branding, packaging and corporate identity.

Food Branding Experts

Cotswold Gold.

Brand identity, packaging, illustration.

Food Branding Experts

Steward & Arnold.

Branding, packaging, brand identity.

Food Branding Experts

Jack & Bry.

Brand identity and packaging.


Packaging design.

Food Branding Experts

Freely Handustry.

Packaging design.

Branding and Packaging that gets your food products noticed.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve already invested a great deal of time (and some money) into your food product. We’ll help you take it to the next stage by developing branding and designing packaging that brings out the best in your hard graft.

Our initial phone call is free, and you won’t be besieged by salespeople. You’ll talk to a designer who is as passionate about the success of your food product as you are.

The full service.

We don’t just do branding and packaging. We also design, build and market WordPress websites for food brands in-house, work across social media, e-commerce content marketing and all things digital.

This means we can partner you for the whole journey, not just one part of it and make sure all your on- and off-line marketing is fully integrated and working hard for your product.

Food Branding Experts

Experts in the Food & Drink Sector.

Over the last 20 years, we have helped food brands to engage, excite and convert customers in a whole range of sectors.

We recently published a new website that is dedicated to our food brand clients and clearly outlines what we can offer. If you have spent your time and efforts creating a food or drink product that’s unique and a joy to eat, don’t sell it short – visit now.

The best-tasting food or drink product in the world still needs someone to notice it, pick it up and purchase it – all before they get to taste it.

This is where good and strong branding is essential, ensuring that your product looks and feels right for the correct audience by addressing every element from the tactile nature of the packaging through to the use of fonts, imagery and even the materials and finishes.

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Our Experience.

Over the years, we have created branding and packaging for a wide range of clients across many different sectors.

This means we have the experience to create the right solution for you, your food or drink product and your market.

Our services include:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Naming
  • Branding
  • Packaging Design
  • Print Design
  • Website Design
  • Food/Drink Product Photography
  • Copywriting

We’re an ‘old school’ agency, working on paper first with lots of ideas in sketch form to cover as many initial directions that may work for your project. Our creative team then work closely with you to narrow the creative into the strongest concepts for further development.

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Are we right for you?

Investing in getting a new food product to market (or rebranding an existing product) takes time and money. We’ve worked with start-up and grown-up brands to create branding and packaging designs that have high impact and get products selling. From smaller producers such as our friends over at Ross & Ross, all the way up to KFC, we can provide a service that is tailored to wherever you are on your product journey.

The best thing to do is to give us a call on 01295 26 66 44 and have a chat through your requirements with our designers or marketing team. If you like forms, you can send us a message here.

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