Creative ideas for promotional giveaways.

Everyone wants a bag of goodies after leaving an event.

People love branded giveaways.

The different types of items available can be staggering and to be honest, a little bewildering – just because you can put your brand on an item doesn’t mean it is a good reflection on your company or organisation.

Are you looking for creative ideas for promotional giveaways or marketing collateral?

If you want to stand out from the crowd and create a giveaway that will be retained, used and benefit your brand long after the event has finished.

The obvious, and most popular contenders of pens, mugs and mouse mats might not be enough.

Let’s take a look at some of the alternative formats.

Our top creative ideas are:

1. Kit or pack

Putting together a few different items into a kit or pack is always attractive to visitors as it shows an underlying thought or concept, rather than items that have just had a logo put on them.

Consider the following key points:

Conceptual Unity:

Showcase a well-thought-out concept that ties the items together. This unity not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the kit but also communicates a cohesive message about your brand.

Beyond Logo Placement:

Move beyond the conventional logo placement strategy. Instead, use the items in the kit to tell a story or convey a message about your brand values and identity.

Enhanced Perceived Value:

By combining various elements into a kit, you automatically elevate the perceived value of each individual item. This perceived value contributes to the overall impression of your brand’s generosity and thoughtfulness.

Deeper Connection to Your Brand:

A carefully curated kit establishes a deeper connection to your brand. It shows that your company is not just interested in promoting itself but is genuinely invested in providing value and a positive experience for your audience.

Personalised Touch:

Consider adding a personalised touch to the kit, such as customising items based on the preferences or needs of your target audience. This level of customisation further reinforces the idea that your brand goes the extra mile to understand and cater to its customers.

Functional Combinations:

Create combinations of items that are not only visually appealing but also serve a functional purpose together. This functional synergy enhances the practicality and usefulness of the kit, making it more likely to be retained and utilised.

Memorable Unboxing Experience:

Pay attention to the presentation of the kit. Design the packaging for an engaging and memorable unboxing experience. A visually appealing presentation enhances the overall impact of the giveaway.

Storytelling Elements:

Use the items in the kit as storytelling elements. Each item can contribute to a narrative about your brand, its values, or a specific message you want to convey. This narrative adds depth and meaning to the giveaway.

Long-Term Brand Recall:

The goal is not just immediate recognition but long-term brand recall. A well-designed kit ensures that your brand remains in the recipient’s memory, fostering a positive association long after the event has concluded.

2. USB Drives

These can be very memorable if done correctly.

If you just stick your logo on a simple drive, it will be kept because of its inherent functionality, but if you want it to reflect your brand values you need to work a little harder.

Look for additional functionality, linking to smartphones, waterproof or the wafer thing credit card format that can be printed both sides. Or something that is a little bit fun and rememberable.

Move Beyond the Generic:
  • Instead of settling for a generic logo on a basic drive, envision your USB drive as a canvas for showcasing innovation and uniqueness.
  • Deviate from the ordinary to capture attention and spark interest.
Embrace Additional Features:
  • Explore advanced functionalities that go beyond mere storage.
  • Consider USB drives with smartphone connectivity, enabling seamless integration with modern devices.
  • This feature not only enhances utility but also positions your brand at the forefront of technological convenience.
Waterproof Wonders:
  • Upgrade your USB drives to be waterproof, adding a layer of durability and reliability.
  • This feature ensures that your branded USB drive withstands the elements, emphasising your commitment to quality and longevity.
Sleek Credit Card Format:
  • Opt for the sleek and sophisticated credit card format for your USB drives.
  • This design not only maximises space for branding but also offers a practical, wallet-friendly solution for recipients.
  • The ability to print on both sides transforms the USB drive into a sleek showcase of your brand identity.
Functional Fun:
  • Infuse an element of fun into the design.
  • Whether it’s a playful shape, a quirky feature, or a pop of colour, make your USB drive stand out.
  • This touch of whimsy not only makes the drive visually appealing but also contributes to a positive and memorable association with your brand.


3. Sweets and chocolate

A sweet treat such as jelly beans, boiled sweets, mints or chocolate are always going to be popular.

If you open a branded giveaway and find sweets, it’s always a winner!

But to ensure that your brand is appreciated and remembered you need to be creative in the container or bag they are stored in. Mints and sweets are popular as they are retained and kept and are less likely to be eaten quickly and discarded.

Mints often come in a tin or pack that are quite easily branded.

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The Universal Sweet Tooth:
  • Recognise the universal appeal of sweet indulgences.
  • A well-chosen assortment of sweets and chocolates has the power to resonate with diverse tastes, making it an ideal giveaway for a wide-ranging audience.
Creative Branding Beyond Taste:
  • Extend your brand narrative to the packaging.
  • Whether it’s a vibrant bag, an elegantly designed box, or a quirky container, ensure that the visual representation aligns with your brand identity.
  • Creative branding goes beyond the taste, becoming a visual and tactile experience for the recipient.
Mints in Thoughtful Packaging:
  • Capitalise on the popularity of mints, which are not only refreshing but also tend to be retained longer than other confections.
  • Mints often come in tins or packs that provide ample branding real estate.
  • This thoughtful packaging ensures that your brand remains visible and appreciated as the mints are savoured over time.
Strategic Retention:
  • Recognise the psychology behind the retention of mints.
  • Unlike swiftly consumed treats, mints are often kept for their practical and refreshing value.
  • This strategic retention ensures that your brand continues to make an impact, fostering a prolonged connection with the recipient.
Elevating Perceived Value:
  • Creative packaging not only captures attention but also enhances the perceived value of the sweets.
  • A meticulously designed package communicates a sense of thoughtfulness and quality, elevating the overall impression of your brand.
Customised Packaging for Events:
  • Tailor the packaging to suit the occasion.
  • Whether it’s a themed event, a seasonal celebration, or a corporate gathering, customised packaging adds a personal touch, making the sweet giveaway even more memorable and relevant.
Branded Tins for Lasting Impact:
  • Consider branded tins for mints or chocolates.
  • Tins provide a durable and reusable container that prolongs the life of your branding.
  • Long after the sweets are enjoyed, the tin serves as a functional reminder of your brand.


4. Toys

It is true that some people never grow up and toys always have a novelty or intrigue value.

These branded giveaways are likely to be kept on desks or in people’s work spaces.

This may mean creating a box or accompanying brochure to explain how the toy reflects underlying values or character of your company and its staff.

Universal Appeal of Toys:
  • Embrace the fact that toys hold a universal appeal.
  • Regardless of age, profession, or background, there’s an inherent joy associated with receiving a playful item.
  • Leverage this emotional connection to create a positive brand experience.
Alignment with Trends:
  • Stay attuned to current trends in the world of toys.
  • Whether it’s the resurgence of classic toys or the popularity of contemporary gadgets like fidget spinners, aligning your giveaway with what’s in vogue ensures that your brand remains relevant and sought after.
Beyond the Logo:
  • Move beyond the conventional logo placement.
  • A successful branded toy goes beyond being a mere promotional item – it becomes a medium for conveying the essence of your brand.
  • Consider incorporating subtle brand elements into the toy’s design or functionality.
Accompanying Brochures or Boxes:
  • Elevate the toy-giving experience by creating accompanying brochures or boxes.
  • These supplementary materials serve as a storytelling platform, explaining how the chosen toy reflects the values and character of your company and its staff.
  • This extra effort transforms the toy into a tangible representation of your brand’s identity.
Educational or Interactive Elements:
  1. Consider toys with educational or interactive elements.
  2. These not only provide entertainment but also showcase your brand as one that values engagement and learning.
  3. A toy that imparts knowledge or requires interaction leaves a lasting, positive impression.

Final Thoughts

So, the recurring theme is that whatever item you choose you’ll need to ensure that you have a creative way of linking it with your companies brand values.

Toast are experts in identifying the best creative solutions.

And, we also appreciate a little branded giveaway here and there.

Ensuring that your conference, trade show or exhibitions marketing material, including giveaways, all work together.

Allow your brand to be recognised, appreciated and retained long after the event has finished.

Simon Browne

Simon Browne

Simon works on strategy, planning, content and SEO at Toast. An experienced copywriter and website content planner, he helps our clients get the best out of their copy and websites.