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Creative ideas for promotional giveaways

If you go to any conference or trade show then you are more than likely to walk out with at least one branded carrier bag filled to the brim with promotional items.

The different types of items available can be staggering, and to be honest a little bewildering – just because you can put your brand on an item doesn’t mean it is a good reflection on your company or organisation. Are you looking for creative ideas for promotional giveaways or marketing collateral?

If you want to stand out from the crowd and create a giveaway that will be retained, used and benefit your brand long after the event has finished – then the obvious, and most popular contenders of pens, mugs and mouse mats might not be enough. Lets take a look at some of the alternative formats.

Our top creative ideas are:

1. Kit or pack

Putting together a few different items into a kit or pack is always attractive to visitors as it shows an underlying thought or concept, rather than items that have just had a logo put on them. A great example is this Christmas Survival Kit, we created a few years ago.

2. USB Drives 

These can be very memorable if done correctly. If you just stick your logo on a simple drive, it will be kept because of its inherent functionality, but if you want it to reflect your brand values you need to work a little harder. Look for additional functionality, linking to smartphones, waterproof or the wafer thing credit card format that can be printed both sides. Or something that is a little bit fun and rememberable.

3. Sweets and chocolate 

A sweet treat such as jelly beans, boiled sweets, mints or chocolate are always going to be popular. But to ensure that your brand is appreciated and remembered you need to be creative in the container or bag they are stored in. Mints and sweets are popular as they are retained and kept and are less likely to be eaten quickly and discarded. Mints often come in a tin or pack that are quite easily branded.

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4. Toys

It is true that some people never grow up and toys always have a novelty or intrigue value so are likely to be kept on desks or in people’s work spaces. The key to success can be on choosing a toy that is currently in vogue, for example, fidget spinners, and that can convey more than just your logo. This may mean creating a box or accompanying brochure to explain how the toy reflects underlying values or character of your company and its staff.

So, the recurring theme is that whatever item you choose you’ll need to ensure that you have a creative way of linking it with your companies brand values. Toast are experts in identifying the best creative solutions. Ensuring that your conference, trade show or exhibitions marketing material, including giveaways, all work together. Allow your brand to be recognized, appreciated and retained long after the event has finished.

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