Branding tips for artisan food producers

We’ve worked with a few artisan food producers recently here are some food branding tips that have worked for them.

Two things that they all have in common are that their product tastes great and they want people to know it. This is where good brand design comes in – some Food branding tips below.

Food branding tips

Top Tips

  1. Good branding doesn’t need to cost the earth, but it’s a key ingredient – it’s what helps a product to get noticed by your customers.
  2. It’s essential to get stocked by target retailers; it’s sacrilege for an amazing product not to be tasted by its intended market.
  3. When launching a new food product, the temptation is to get the product in front of buyers first and then worry about how it’s going to look.
  4. Although it’s true that a buyer’s first concern is going to be how the product tastes, they will have concerns about a product that is lacking in creative branding and packaging.
  5. Branding identifies what type of product it is, who it’s aimed at and whether it will fit into a buyer’s existing product range.
  6. Getting the building blocks of the brand right at the start is essential, this means branding and marketing communication, no matter how small, can be consistent and this builds trust in the eyes of the consumer. 

  7. Brand guidelines don’t have to be set in stone and can evolve along the way as the business or product line grows, but getting the essentials right early on creates focus.


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Start as you mean to go on

Artisan food producers are very passionate and knowledgeable about their products and industry, they live, sleep and breathe it. We feel the same at Toast about creating a great brand design and working with people who are as passionate about what they do.

So if you have a great food product that you are looking to take to market, we would love to talk to you about how we can create a great brand for you and help you to get that great tasting product noticed.

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