Why design-led businesses benefit from using a full-service design agency.

Design-led businesses are becoming more and more popular every day.

Companies realise how important design can be to business. It can bring lots of benefits and lead to more sustainable success. Design-led businesses puts an emphasis on design and make it the main focus of everything they do.

You might be thinking, what’s the point? Why focus so much attention on design when there are other things to concentrate on? Well, the simple fact is that consumers respond well to design elements. Improving the way your company looks can help you gain customers and make more sales.

There is, however, one major problem that is often overlooked. What is the best way to incorporate design into your business? Do you hire a designer, or do you source an agency? Hiring a designer can be good, but you only have one person working on everything. So, they can become swamped with work and find it hard to churn out ideas. With a full-service design agency, you don’t get this. You get a team of people ready to work around the clock and combine their ideas together.

In general, it can be said that design-led business will benefit from using a design agency. Curious as to why? Then have a read of these reasons:

Faster Turnaround

With a design agency, you get a much faster turnaround on all your design work. A team of people can do a lot more than one person. This leads to designs being created a lot faster, and the business doesn’t have to wait around. Every business person knows that time is money, any time you waste is money down the drain.

More Services

A full-service design agency can offer way more services than a single designer. An agency can cover everything from designing brochures to websites. Regardless of your business needs, they’ll have you covered. It’s rare that you’ll find a designer who can do everything too. Often, you may need to hire multiple separate designers, which leads to more money being spent.


It’s simply more cost-effective to outsource your work to a design agency. If you hire a designer, then you have to keep them on your books. You need to create a position for them and add them to your payroll. In addition to this, you need to give them full employee benefits. If you want to let them go, then you may need to pay them a severance package. It can all add up to a lot of money just for one person. With an agency, you pay a fee, and that’s it. There’s nothing complicated about it, and you’re getting more bang for your buck too. As mentioned above, you get a faster turnaround and more services. In the long run, your company can save and make a lot more money by turning to a design agency.

Many people have been claiming that design-leg businesses don’t work. But, this isn’t the case. They work, but only if they have designers on board. And, the best way to get designers on board is to find a full-service design agency.

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Chris Tymon

Chris Tymon

Chris is a founding Creative Director at Toast and works across Food Branding and design work for clients in the food sector.