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    More than just design. We create
    print that drives sales.
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    WordPress website design and build,
    SEO and ongoing maintenance.
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    Creative services for the food &
    drink sector.
  • Branding
    & Strategy.
    You need more than just creative
    to make your branding work.

Creativity delivered.

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Toast is a full-service design agency that works across branding, print and digital.

We’re a designer-led agency and provide on-tap creative work for a wide range of clients, from startups to large corporations.

From bread-and-butter marketing collateral to fully-toasted marketing campaigns, we’ve been providing creative support to clients for over 20 years.

Whether it’s your branding, sales brochures or website, we can help you win more new business by helping you improve your marketing strategy and collateral.

If you need a team that can help you with the thinking and the doing, that’s us.

We’re privately owned, fiercely independent and driven by effectiveness and ROI. 

We won’t burn your bread.

Brochure design

Printed communications.

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A passion for print.

Printed marketing collateral is still one of the most effective ways to communicate with your audience – but it’s got to be integrated into your other marketing activities.

We can help with the design of a single brochure project or explore a more integrated approach to your ink-on-paper marketing by helping you join everything together.

It’s no longer enough for your printed marketing to simply look nice – it’s now just one of the many channels you need to engage with.

From Annual reports and corporate brochures to sales and marketing brochures, we can help you plan, design and deliver effective print solutions that win new business.

Generate new sales leads

We see many websites that look nice and achieve nothing.

Your digital marketing starts with an effective, hard-working website (we build everything on WordPress), and spans content production, SEO, Social Media and beyond.

We can help you devise a strategy for marketing your product or service across all digital channels.

We can show you what works and what doesn’t, what your competitors are doing and help you out-perform them.

We offer retained digital services that keep our client’s websites and social accounts up-to-date, converting and on-brand.

Everything In-house.

We have in-house capabilities to design and build websites, produce effective Search engine-friendly content and look after SEO and Social.

On top of this, we’re 100% transparent. All our digital clients can see just how well we’re doing through weekly reports (that actually mean something) and online access to keywords tracking and performance.

brand guidelines

Strategy, Branding & Consultancy.

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We work on branding projects for a wide range of businesses.

Branding and strategy.

From telling your story to improving your strategy, our work with brands has created success for startups and grown-ups alike.

We’ll work with you to improve your branding, collateral and marketing.

Good, honest, branding.

Whether you need some creative input or strategic advice, we can help you improve your branding and marketing to gain exposure, reach new markets and increase sales. We’ll keep you ahead of the curve without burning your bread!

Corporate Branding.

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From simple logo design to more in-depth consultation and strategy projects, we’ve worked across a wide range of sectors to help businesses of all sizes get their branding sorted.

Planning and strategy.

You need more than a polished logo to compete in the increasingly digital market place. Our corporate branding projects are strategically led and help you to create solid, meaningful foundations for your brand.

Informed creative.

Your brand is far more than ‘just’ your logo, so our creative team will explore every aspect of your branding – the design, tone of voice, imagery, story, colour and feel.

Effective branding takes in far more than the final logo design so we’ll guide you through each stage of the process.

Delivery and roll-out.

Larger corporate branding projects need a considered roll-out phase and there are often lots of other marketing materials that need updating.

We take care of all this in-house – from your business cards to your website, our team will look after everything.

No need to engage with several different agencies to get everything sorted (saving you time, hassle and budget).

Why Toast?

If you are looking for a new creative and marketing agency, give us a call on 01295 266644 or send us a message.

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We know that finding an effective marketing agency can be a right pain in the arse.

You can hardly walk down the street nowadays without tripping over a ‘marketing expert’ who knows everything about all things creative and marketing.

At Toast, we’re not a jack-of-all-trades, we have the right team of people to help you improve the effectiveness of your marketing by creatively-led campaigns.

We’re based over three floors in our Oxfordshire-based studio.

Our creative team cook-up clever, creative solutions to marketing problems.

Toast’s digital team deliver optimised WordPress websites and retained SEO campaigns, Social Media, PPC and content marketing.

Our strategy people work cross-department, helping to ensure we deliver effective campaigns.

The benefits of working with Toast:

  • Our size – with 15 staff, we’re not a small agency there are always people on-hand to get the work done
  • Everything in-house – we outsource nothing, which means everyone in the building gets to know you and your business, this, in turn, means we can deliver better results
  • No faffing about – we don’t employ account managers – you’ll deal with someone that knows what they are doing, not someone who has to ask other people and come back to you (a few weeks) later
  • Experience – we are not ‘self-proclaimed’ experts, we’ve proven experience over two decades in effective results
2022 - Celebrating 25 years of Toast ★