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File Formats – Whats What

File Formats – Whats What

Ever been confused by what file format to use? Heres a list of different formats and what they can be used for:


Is the most common file format for images. Photos taken on digital cameras and mobile phones will most likely be jpegs. They can be used for printing or on-screen depending on the resolution and colour settings they are saved in.


Usually, small file sizes which make PNG’s perfect for use on websites and other screen graphics. They can be created with transparent backgrounds meaning a logo, for instance, can be placed over a coloured background without showing a white box.

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Again these are small file sizes that would be used on screen. This format can be displayed as either a static image or a short animation.


A tiff can be thought of as a jpeg but much larger with no compression. They are less commonly used now, however, when they are used its solely for print, not screen graphics.  

AI and EPS

These are vector files produced with Adobe Illustrator which can be scaled infinitely. These graphics can also be edited to adjust the shape or colour.  

The advantage of using vectors over file formats such as .jpeg and .png is that vectors don’t become pixelated or lose quality which .jpeg and .pngs can do because they are made of paths rather than pixels. Therefore if a logo or vector illustration is created using vector software it ensures that the artwork is high resolution and is ideal for large-scale graphics such as exhibition stands and signage.

One thing to note is PC users won’t be able to view these files without the correct software.


Stands for portable document format and can be viewed on almost any device or operating system. Pdfs are a flexible format which can be saved in different resolutions and be used to print with or used on screen.


Here are some of the different usages:

  • Print – Export settings such as crop marks and bleed can be added to a pdf to show the printer where the edge of a document should be.
  • Media – PDFs are able to include text, images, video, and audio.
  • Interactive – URLs, email addresses and shortcuts to internal pages can be included.
  • Accessible – Using Adobe Acrobat, an accessible pdf can be created which allow the document to be read by people of different abilities.  

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