Inktober and Mabs Drawlloween Club 2019

Inktober has become a global event in the illustrator’s calendar since it’s small start back in 2009.

This year, Dave, Kati and Simon got involved in the challenge to produce one illustration each day in October, based on a series of prompts for inspiration.

Kati and Simon went with the Inktober challenge, whilst Dave did the Mabs Drawlloeen Club.

Nine of Dave’s

Daves Mabs Drawlloween Club

Nine of Kati’s

Kati Inktober

Nine of Simon’s

Simon Inktober

Actually glad it’s over!

Bearing in mind that each custom illustration can take at least a couple of hours to do, this challenge basically adds an extra week and a half of work time into October, so whilst it’s fun to do, it’s also a bit of a relief when it’s over!

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