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As we’re a bunch of creative-types, we have an opinon on pretty much everything.

Our blog is a collection of posts and articles about all things design, marketing, strategy and web. We keep our agency blog updated regularily with fresh content, ideas, and answers to common design and marketing questions.

As a UK-based design agency, Toast can help you with all things creative across branding, print and digital, so if you’ve got a project coming up, we’d love to hear about it.

promote your business with marketing

Rebrand or promote what you’ve already got?

The internet is full of big-budget rebrand success stories, but is a rebrand always the best strategy? There are many reasons why you might want to consider rebranding your company; from simply updating your logo inline with more modern trends to trying to revitalise a brand and open up new markets. It seems like every […]

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Digital Marketing services for Food or Drink Brands.

Whether you’re an established brand or just starting out, there’s one place your buyer can always be found; online. With all food and drink brands, the initial focus of any design and strategic work is based around the branding and packaging, but once these stages of your journey are complete, it’s digital marketing that will […]

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Work Experience 2019 – Jess Wilson

We always try to do at least one work experience placement a year at Toast – whilst it can be a challenge as we’re often very busy, it’s a worthwhile exercise to give a student the experience of working in a design agency for a week.  This year we welcomed Jess Wilson from the Warriner […]

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‘Digital’ and ‘print ready’ PDFs – what are the differences    

Digital and print ready PDFs – what are the differences     You have had your brochure designed and then the designer supplies you with a digital and ‘print ready’ PDFs, so why have they done this and what is the difference? Being able to tell Digital and Print Ready PDFs apart is key. When creating anything […]

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File Formats – Whats What

File Formats – Whats What Ever been confused by what file format to use? Heres a list of different formats and what they can be used for: JPEG Is the most common file format for images. Photos taken on digital cameras and mobile phones will most likely be jpegs. They can be used for printing […]

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RGB and CMYK colour formats – does it matter what I use?    

RGB and CMYK colour formats – does it matter what I use?     RGB and CMYK are colour formats that are used in 2 different fields. RGB CMYK are commonly referred to as ‘screen’ and ‘print’. Toast can help with every aspect of your marketing. Talk To Toast Today. RGB RGB is used for screen […]

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White space is your friend

What is white space? Sometimes when we’re working on a brochure for instance, the client notices some white space on the page and feel they need to fill it with something. In their eyes this is wasted space that could be used to insert more information. When this happens we have to explain to them […]

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Specifying colours – from screen to print and how these differ

Specifying colours – from screen to print and how these differ Whether you’re just about to start your design project or in the finalising stages, specifying the colour you want can get complicated as there are many systems involved that display the colour you want differently. Why is this and how can you get the […]

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How do I supply amends to my designer?

How do I supply amends to my designer? You’ve received the first draft of your new brochure from the designer and want to make a few changes. How do you go about giving them amends? Do you have a document you need updating? Talk to Toast Today  Marked up pdf Our preferred method of receiving […]

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What is the difference between a pixel and vector based graphic

What is a pixel or vector based graphic? If you’ve ever briefed a designer to create a promotional brochure for you company they may have asked you for your logo as a vector graphic, but what is this? Firstly we need to define the 2 main formats of how images are digitally created and used […]

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What is the difference between a logo and a brand?

What is the difference between a logo and a brand? Our clients come to us at Toast asking us to design their logo or brand but what is the difference? Logo A logo is a symbol or mark which helps identify a brand, like a human face. There are many different styles of logo, some […]

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High resolution and low-resolution images – what to use and when

High Resolution and Low Resolution images – what to use and when When dealing with designers you might get asked to supply your images as ‘hi-res’. Firstly we need to define what is a high resolution (hi-res) image and a low resolution (low-res) image and what to use and when. So what are High Resolution […]

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Purchasing images and licensing implications

Purchasing images and licensing implications So you’ve instructed a designer to create an engaging brochure for your company but don’t have any images you can provide them because you simply don’t have any or the ones you have are not suitable for print (hi-res). This is when stock image sites can come in handy if […]

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What are crops marks and bleed, do I need them?

What are crops marks and bleed, do I need them? When sending artwork to a printer you might get a response from them that they need the artwork to include crop marks and bleed. So what do they mean and why do you need to add them? Crop marks These are small black lines or […]

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How can I edit my brochure?

How can I edit my brochure? You brief a design agency to create your company brochure for you. You’re really happy with the results, however, later down the line you need to update some of the information and make edits. How do I edit my brochure? Option one You can go back to your designer […]

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Large and multiple files, how do I send these to my designer?

Send the right types of file to your designers. When working with a designer on your latest brochure, you will probably need to send them multiple and or large image files. How can you do this without clogging up yours and their email accounts with Large Multiple Files? There are several ways you can do […]

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Full service design agency

Are you looking for a new design agency?

Are you looking for a new design agency? There could be a host of different reasons to look, but what should you look for? When we are approached by a client looking to work with us, we don’t focus on what their previous design agency did wrong but choose to concentrate on how we can […]

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Biggest PR challenges in 2018?

What are the biggest PR challenges? We are coming to the end of the first quarter of 2018 and some of the most pressing issues from 2017 have pursued us into the new year. Public Relations professionals appreciate an agency that understands the pressures they are under. The biggest PR challenges in 2018 include: Fake […]

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Toast Design

Are you planning on improving your marketing & print in 2018?

Are you looking forward to marketing in 2018? Are you confident in the effectiveness of your current marketing materials? As the holiday season comes to a conclusion, thoughts move to the new year and the possible opportunities that 2018 may bring. Are you confident that you are going to achieve the results you want? Would […]

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Improve your hosting

How much should you spend on hosting?

Hosting charges are often an interesting debate. With so many hosting companies to choose from, how do you pick what’s best for your site? If you are looking to improve the performance of your website, your hosting is the first place to start. Most businesses will tell you that their website is a crucial part […]

Improve your hosting, improve your site
Brand consistency

The importance of brand consistency

A successful brand is one that has considered all aspects of how engages with its customer and brand consistency is vital in this day and age. So what is brand consistency? Your customers have never had as many chances to interact with your brand as they do today. Gone are the days where a customer […]

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Improve your site speed with managed hosting

Improve your site speed with managed hosting

Site speed is one of the most important factors in getting ranked in Google. If your site is slow it will have a direct impact on your rankings. If your site isn’t as quick as you think it should be, we can improve your site speed with managed hosting. We know that trying to improve […]

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Website planning site build

Website planning – the stages of a website project

If you are thinking about getting a new website, read on to find out how a good website planning process will make it more effective. Web design and build can be quite complicated. It’s very important to plan your site way before you get involved in any design or build – this will help to […]

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Why sketchbooks are important when applying for design jobs

If you’re a design student or currently looking for your first design job,  sketchbooks can make all the difference at an interview. As designers, we all have portfolios of what we consider to be our best work – we should also have sketchbooks full of our ideas. We know to put the best bits at […]

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interactive brochure design

Interactive brochures

Toast can create or convert any professionally designed brochure into an interactive format that can be used across digital channels. If you go through the time and effort to plan and create a brochure then it makes commercial sense to get the most out of the process. You want to be able to share that brochure electronically as well as in hard copy. 

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Branding Tunerfish Luglocks

Branding and Packaging Tunerfish Luglocks

Tuner Fish lug locks are an essential bit of kit used by professional drummers worldwide to keep their drums in tune. Designed by drum designer Mike Bigwood and professional drummer Mark Richardson of the band Skunk Anansie. They designed and manufactured the Tuner Fish Lug Lock after Mark had tried every available lug lock on […]

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Building your brand

What is building a brand all about?

Building a brand? If you need to create a new brand or rejuvenate a flagging/unsuccessful brand then there is no shortage of articles and advice all saying that you should build you brand but gloss over exactly how! Simply put – Brand building is the combined result of a well thought-out and carefully delivered brand […]

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Kombucha Drink Branding by Toast Design

New Kombucha Drink Branding & Packaging Design

Toast have recently completed the branding and drink packaging design for a new brand on the market, The Kombucha Tea Co. Kombucha is a healthy alternative to fizzy drinks, packed full of probiotics, antioxidants and vitamins, so there are lots of health benefits, and it’s great for the immune system. It originated in China around […]

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Brand Workshop

Planning your WordPress website

How you plan your new website is crucial to make it work hard and win you new business.  It’s often said that planning, designing and building a new website is only 25% of what you should be doing online. That means, even once you’ve got your shiny new website live, you still have three times […]

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Rebranding baby food with Goodness Gracious Foods

Toast recently collaborated with Goodness Gracious Foods to complete a total rebranding of their range of baby foods. The branding team at Toast win opportunities to work on a wide variety of projects and were excited when Goodness Gracious Foods approached us to work on a rebranding project in a new and exciting sector.  As we started speaking to […]

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