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5 tips for rebranding success.

Rebranding your business is not a decision that is undertaken lightly. It’s a huge commitment of time and resources, and if not done correctly, it can have dire consequences for your company’s future.

10 examples of amazing infographics.

We love magically compressing large volumes of information into a simple, effective graphic. Despite our neverending thirst for knowledge, humans actually have an average attention span of 8.25 seconds

File Formats – Whats What?

It’s important to choose the right file formats for images to get the best results. However you want your files, you should probably research the formats you need for whatever you want to do with them. To help you make sense of them, we’ve compiled a list of file formats and their various uses. So, […]

How can I edit my brochure?

You brief a design agency to create your company brochure for you. You’re really happy with the results, however, later down the line you need to update some of the information and make edits. How do I edit my brochure?

What is building a brand all about?

If you need to create a new brand or rejuvenate a flagging/unsuccessful brand then there is no shortage of articles and advice all saying that you should build you brand but gloss over exactly how!

advert design image

Brand vs Logo. What’s the difference?

Brand versus Logo? These days the two are often mixed-up, even by designers, with the word ‘brand’ incorrectly used for a few different meanings, we’ll try to set the record straight.

Artisan Kitchen branding and packaging.

The Artisan Kitchen produce Award-winning Preserves, Jams and Marmalades in the heart of Gloucester. The requirement was to develop the existing logo, create a brand styling for labels and packaging.

Different formats for brochures.

Using different formats for brochures can really make them stand out. Just because it’s a brochure, it doesn’t mean that it has to be A4. We’ve designed 100s of brochures – below are a few of the non-standard brochure designs we’ve produced.

Pocket folder designers.

Pocket folders come in all shapes and sizes, and establishing the purpose, content, and use is important before you start, as this will define the type of folder needed.

Infographic design.

Infographics are becoming ever more popular as they are great at presenting information in a quick, clear and informative format. 

Graphic design support.

We’re not a small agency, and that makes us perfect for larger clients that have a need for full-on graphic design support that’s quick and won’t let you down.

WordPress for small businesses.

While the platform is perfectly at home as a CMS for many enterprise-level businesses, it’s also a perfect starting point for any small business site – it provides a rock-solid platform, allows you to manage your own content and can be scaled up as your online marketing grows.

Marketing Food Products.

How to get your food products noticed, you’ve worked hard to develop a great tasting product, but how do you now get your product noticed and sell? – A clear brand identity is key.


Online brochures.

Online brochures or ‘flippy page’ brochures have different names but fundamentally offer the same thing, the ability to view your brochure online.

SEO Tips...

Two of the top questions we get asked by companies we meet is “How much should I spend on SEO?” and “What should I be getting from my SEO budget?”.

What is branding?

It involves every aspect of communication you have with customers, staff and other audiences – so what is branding?

Creating Effective Logo Design.

There are lots of opinion pieces on logo design and it can be rather confusing, but with over the last 15 years experience working with many businesses we have put together a guide to creating effective logo design.