Outstanding exhibition design.

If you are displaying at a show or an event you’ll need some form of exhibition design to promote your product or service.

Toast are the ideal design agency to help you with every aspect of your exhibition design. Depending on what event and where you plan to display can make a significant difference to the format and system you use. Keeping this in mind along with some simple rules can ensure your display is a success, these include:

  1. Keep it simple – less is more
  2. Prominent contact details (sounds daft, but it’s often overlooked)
  3. Clear positioning of the main message
  4. On-brand design and artwork
  5. The right display for the location
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Following these rules will help the viewer understand what your main message is. Let’s take a look at these in a little more detail.

1. Keep it simple – less is more

Don’t over complicate things, keep the details short but informative. The easier you make the content to read the more likely the viewer will understand your message. Don’t cram too much content in as this can dilute the main message, look messy and be confusing. The key here is to get your message across quickly and clearly in the shortest amount of time.

2. Contact details

Give the viewer a chance to contact and interact with you, adding contact details and social media links are a must. In some instances QR codes and unique web addresses might be a good idea as this will drive people to your website where you can demonstrate your full range of services/products but, more importantly, monitor visits and traffic from these links.

3. Positioning of the main message

The main message is the most important thing you want the viewer to absorb and understand. The placing of this is key as you don’t want this to get lost or obscured. This, in most cases, is best placed at eye-line height for maximum effect. Don’t place this at the bottom as it might get obscured by furniture or other objects used in your display.

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4. Is the exhibition design on-brand

Creating a coherent exhibition design will not only look good but will help the viewer understand your message. Certain companies have brand guidelines to follow and it is important that these are followed to ensure the exhibition design not only works as a stand alone marketing tool, but also enhances and promotes your brand.

5. The right display for the location

Certain locations might have restrictions on what displays you can use, also the area given will determine what system is best to use. For restricted spaces pull-up banners might be the best solution as these are flexible, freestanding and can easy be manoeuvred for maximum effect. For larger areas pop-up curved displays might work best as these provide more of an impact. Some internal events will provide boards that you can apply foamex boards or large adhesive wall graphics, this will depend on surfaces and what you are allowed to do.

If you’re looking for a new agency to work on your exhibition design, just get in contact with us and one of our team will be able to talk to you about how we can create something outstanding.

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Mark Williams

Mark Williams

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