Interactive brochures.

Looking to bridge the gap between print and digital?

You should check out our interactive brochures.

Toast can create or convert any professionally designed brochure into an interactive format that can be used across digital channels.

If you go through the time and effort to plan and create a brochure, then it makes commercial sense to get the most out of the process. You want to be able to share that brochure electronically as well as in hard copy.

Toast can now create interactive brochures that utilise both the content of the professionally designed brochure with the functionality of a digital brochure.

The key benefits of our interactive brochure design are:

Share, view and download your brochures easily and quickly

The online brochure file is hosted online and can be accessed via a browser. The brochure can also be shared via Twitter and Facebook and a PDF version can be downloaded for printing.


Brochures can now benefit from several animated features adding that extra wow factor to your product or service. Check out the above example to see this in action.

Insert and play movies

Your brochure content can now be strengthened and developed to include embedded movie clips, adding a whole new dimension.

Convert existing brochures

Every brochure that has been created has the capacity to become an interactive version, speak to us to see what we can do for you.

Sometimes it can be hard to picture the benefits of technology so we have put together the interactive brochure above to illustrate the potential functionality and features you can achieve.

If you have a brochure in mind and would like to discuss how we can make it interactive, then please contact us today.

We would love to talk to you about making your brochures interactive

Mark Williams

Mark Williams

Mark is a founding Director at Toast and heads-up the print team. He specialises in Report design and typography. He's been a Graphic Designer for over 25 years.