How to engage your target audience with effective marketing design

What is your target market and how do you engage with them? Knowing how to engage your target audience with effective marketing collateral design is a perennial challenge.  Toast is the perfect partner to help you identify who the target audience is, what profile or persona they reflect and then how best to use this information to create the most effective marketing materials.

What is your target?

To effectively engage with any specific market, you should truly understand the people that make up that market, to investigate their preferences, evaluate their group habits and amend your marketing strategy accordingly. If you don’t get this understanding established early in the process, then the designs will suffer and your messaging will be misguided.

How to get a better understanding

There are several different ways you can better understand the market from simple steps through to professionally delivered market research. At Toast, we help our clients to establish this form of understanding and benchmark through desk-based market research and or workshops. Whatever your approach and however big your budget, you need to establish a clear persona(s) for the market sector you are looking at. You need to ensure these personas allow you to understand what the wants and desires of your market are and enable you to create designs that will answer these.

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Apply this understanding to the design of your marketing materials

Once you have a clear understanding of the personas, this information must be applied to the design process involved in the creation of your marketing materials. A good creative brief should have this information and adds a real depth to the briefing, ensuring your designer has a real grasp of who they are speaking to. Toast use this understanding to guide the early stages of the design process, specifically the creation of mood boards and subsequent rough concepts, speeding up the process and saving valuable time and money.


Brand consistency is key to effective marketing

Adopting this process from the very beginning ensure that any piece of marketing supports the brand and any piece of brand development strengthens the marketing. The more work that is done, the greater the benefit, many of Toast’s clients benefit from a form of brand guardianship purely by having our design team apply their thorough understanding of their brands to marketing materials. To enable your brand from benefiting from this added value to marketing materials, talk to Toast today.

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