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Pocket folder designers

Pocket folder design

Pocket folders come in all shapes and sizes and establishing the purpose, content and use is important before you start as this will define the type of folder needed. 

Toast are experts in pocket folder design – we can help you create the perfect pocket folder that standouts, functional and extends your brand.

Following some simple rules can ensure your pocket folder design is a success, these include:
1. The purpose
2. Size = contents and capacity
3. How you use the pocket folder
4. On-brand design and artwork 

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Following these rules will help to create a folder that works for you. Let’s take a look at these in a little more detail.

1. The purpose

Is the pocket folder going to be a sales tool or just a container to send various items of literature in the post? Either way the folder needs to work for its intended purpose. If its a sales tool then more time and budget should be allowed to ensure this not only looks good but clearly defines and promotes your products or services. This can be achieved by using:
  • unusual formats – sizes and folding
  • mechanical devices – such as clasps, clips, bands and ties
  • print finishes – die cutting, spot UV and lamination
If the pocket folder is more of a branded container for other literature, then a template based format would be suitable and more cost effective.

2. Size = contents and capacity

If you have existing items you want to insert into a pocket folder then the folder will have to be big enough to contain the largest item. The amount of items you want to include and their thickness will determine the capacity (space needed in the pocket itself) of the folder and if any special folding or mechanisms are required to ensure the items don’t slip out.
For a more unique pocket folder design you will have to start from scratch with a concept/idea determining the format, size and look.

3. How you use the pocket folder

If your tailoring the content (using specific items for particular viewers) then you must allow for the maximum amount of items that could be used to ensure you don’t run out of room. If the customer/client is going to use the pocket folder on a daily basis then a simple robust format is needed to avoid ripping or damage due to over complex folds or finishes. If you intend to hand these out to clients/customers at a show or event then an easy portable format/size is best as people don’t want to carry around bulky folders all day.

4. Is the pocket folder design on-brand

Creating a coherent pocket folder design will not only look good but will help the recipient understand who the folder is from and what the folder is for. Certain companies have brand guidelines and it is important that these are followed to ensure the pocket folder design not only works as a stand alone marketing tool, but also enhances and promotes the brand. 

If you’re looking for a new agency to create your pocket folder design, just get in contact with us and one of our team will be able to talk to you about how we can create something fantastic.

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