Identify the marketing challenge….

Identify the marketing challenge before designing a solution

The best creative design agency is one that is as eager to understand the problem, as it is to create the solution. When choosing a creative design and marketing agency, you obviously want to make sure that they can deliver creative solutions, but the difference between a good and a great creative agency is the ability to understand the marketing challenge before trying to answer it.

Toast is often asked to deliver a project such as a product launch, reposition branding & packaging or a multi-site website but we always believe that the first step in adding value to any project is to truly understand the underlying goals. Clients need more than just technical competence from their agency; they need them to understand the brief and accurately understand what is required, in essence, what the marketing challenge is.

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Marketing Challenge?

We do this by being genuinely engaged and interested in what our clients do and truly appreciate the challenges that they face because if we don’t spend the time to understand the problem it won’t matter how long we have to create a solution, it will always be flawed.

By being interested in what our clients want to achieve means we investigate the explicit and implicit requirements ensuring we know exactly what is required to fulfil the brief but also how to exceed it.

Often this is achieved by undertaking a workshop or engaging in strategic consultancy, to establish a clear creative brief, define a brand or marketing strategy or answer any outstanding questions.

Or it might just be the appreciation of how one project directly affects another, or it might be how to improve the effectiveness across a range of media; the added value is always different.

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Identifying the challenge

We strongly believe that the ‘challenge’ is an essential part of any truly effective creative design process, without it you will be lucky to achieve a successful outcome let alone adding value and creating the best solution.

At Toast this extends into how we start a creative project, often creating mood boards along with initial scamps and sketches that allow us to clearly demonstrate that we understood the requirement and what our clients want to achieve.

This approach avoids developing creative solutions that don’t address the original problem, which could have taken up valuable studio time. The only ideas that are taken further are ones that the client wants to see, ensuring only the best ideas are developed and the strongest solutions delivered.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

So if you agree that it’s essential to get the foundations right before rushing to create attractive, yet superficial, design solution then talk to Toast today. We can help you with any project, whatever the size, just let us know what goals you have and we will help you achieve them.

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Simon Browne

Simon Browne

Simon works on strategy, planning, content and SEO at Toast. An experienced copywriter and website content planner, he helps our clients get the best out of their copy and websites.