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Annual Report Designers

Annual Report Designers

Toast are Annual Report Designers - let's make your next Annual Report even better than the last one!

Do you want your Annual report to look better than last year?

One of the main issues you can face when considering your next Annual Report is the design. As these projects come around every year, it can sometimes be difficult to produce something that’s an improvement on the previous year. You need professional annual report designers.

Our creative team have years of experience and have worked on a wide range of Annual Reports, across many different sectors.

Our design process will deliver you lots of different options and potential creative directions for your report design, making us an Annual Report design agency that’s worth talking to.

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Housing for Women Annual Report

How can we help you?

To design an effective Annual Report, there are lots of different things that need to be considered, but some of the most important are:

  • The Concept or story – define and present a clear story throughout your report. This gives us something to ‘hang the creative on’ and ensures your readers will engage with the report.
  • Infographics – a great way of conveying complex information in a bite-size way.
  • Typography – this is where the creative experience really comes in. Often Annual Reports need to meet strict typographic guidelines (such as font-size) so it can sometimes be a balance between design and functionality.
  • Formats – It doesn’t have to be A4 and it doesn’t even have to be printed anymore. We’ll help you explore formats that will work best for your audience – from interesting formats to microsites.
  • Finishes – We’ll look at the huge range of potential finished for your Annual Report – from paper stock to binding options.
  • Design Partner – you need professional annual report designers you can trust.

All our Annual Report projects start with questions and research – we’ll look at what you’ve done historically, what else is going on in your sector and your target audience to help build an understanding of what directions will work for you.

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Annual Report design examples

Recent Annual Report design.

We are very proud to have recently worked with Compassion UK to design their most recent Annual Report.

View the project

Compassion UK Brochure cover design

Compassion UK Brochure spread

Our process.

We’ll work with you during every stage of the design process. Our annual report projects always start out on paper and follow this process:

  • Research, planning and deadlines
  • Mood boards and initial creative research
  • Initial design concepts – on paper, sketched out ‘big ideas’ to cover a lot of creative ground
  • Content review including report data, infographics, image assets and other content
  • Design development (typically involving several rounds of refinement as we start to work-up the concepts into more finalised designs
  • Art-working, proofreading editing and sign off
  • Production (be that the printing of a physical report or the creation of something digital)

Although we don’t operate a one-size-fits-all approach to any of our projects, we’ve found that most will broadly follow the above.

We deliver.

Most projects have deadlines, but we know that Annual Report deadlines are ones that don’t budge an inch.

We’re a responsive agency that’s proactive in our approach and we use project management tools to organise every stage and step of the project, keeping every stakeholder in the loop and ensuring deadlines are not missed.

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If you are looking for a new agency for your next annual review, you might like to consider a different form of relationship with them. Check out our new Graphic Design Subscription Packages, tailored to the needs of professionals looking for quick turn-around, high volume and no-nonsense design we call Toast Design Services.

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Let's make your next Annual Report better than the last one - get in touch for a quote.