Promotional marketing materials can take on many different forms.

From printed brochures to social media campaigns and websites. Promotional marketing collateral comes in many different shapes and sizes.

If you’re looking to create some promotional material for your business, an event or just as part of your marketing toolkit, we can help you to develop concept-driven campaigns that work hard and get results.

We’ve worked on some really interesting promotional projects over the years and below are some examples of our work, experience and creative thinking.

sales poster design

10 Tips to achieve the best poster design

Want to know Toasts poster design ideas? The following tips outline our thoughts on what makes a good poster design and avoid having to rely on free poster design templates which aren’t worth the money!

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Sales posters

How to make your sales posters pop

We look at how Toast helped LifePharm redesign their sales posters. LifePharm® approached us to redesign a range of 10 posters for their sales teams. The posters were to be displayed in offices to help the sales teams quickly identify the range and the unique benefits of each product.

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Different formats for brochures

Different formats for brochures

Using different formats for brochures can really make them stand out. Just because it’s a brochure, it doesn’t mean that it has to be A4. We’ve designed 100s of brochures – below are a few of the non-standard brochure designs we’ve produced.

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Launching a new food product

Launching a new food product

If so, you’re about to embark on an exciting adventure into one of the most fast-paced and rewarding industries out there. We could be the perfect partner to help you launch your new food product. In 2021, the size of the UK grocery market stood at around 212 billion British pounds. The market has been […]

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Magazine design

Stunning magazine design

If you are looking at launching a new publication or thinking of refreshing your existing magazine design then toast are the ideal agency to help you with this.  There are some simple rules you can follow to ensure that the design of the magazine increases readership and promotes your product/service successfully, these include: 1. Identify and engage […]

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Pop up banner design

Outstanding exhibition design

If you are displaying at a show or an event you’ll need some form of exhibition design to promote your product or service. Toast are the ideal design agency to help you with every aspect of your exhibition design. Depending on what event and where you plan to display can make a significant difference to the […]

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pocket folder designers

Pocket folder designers

Pocket folders come in all shapes and sizes, and establishing the purpose, content, and use is important before you start, as this will define the type of folder needed.  Toast are experts in pocket folder design – we can help you create the perfect pocket folder that standouts, functional and extends your brand. Following some simple […]

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Infographic design

Infographics are becoming ever more popular as they are great at presenting information in a quick, clear and informative format.  Infographics can also be used in annual reports, presentations, websites and brochures, giving you a powerful tool that can be applied to various materials. Infographic design also provides a great visual shortcut to complex information as […]

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The Embankment Pub branding

What is branding?

It involves every aspect of communication you have with customers, staff and other audiences – so what is branding? Here at Toast, we have developed our own unique approach to delivering branding strategies for our client’s products, services and organisations and answer the question: What is Branding? We don’t believe in just making things look […]

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Online brochures

Online brochures or ‘flippy page’ brochures have different names but fundamentally offer the same thing, the ability to view your brochure online.

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brochure design for luxury products

First impressions last with luxury brochure design

In this day and age, with consumers being sold to every minute of the day, it is even more important that you consider every aspect of that FIRST IMPRESSION.

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Kohler brochure design

Creating great catalogue design

Toast Design have a range of clients that require complex sales tools from folders to niche brochures, but all depend on us to deliver great catalogue design.

Effective catalogue design