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Marketing Food Products

Whilst visiting a fantastic and really busy local food festival this summer, I took in a wide range of fantastic products on show, from amazing artisan foods to local drinks producers.

Within the crowds though, and despite the types of product on sale, it was clear that some stands were far busier than others, upon taking a closer look, the main difference between popular and quieter stands was branding.

The producers that had clearly developed their brand identity and shown this on their stands and their products attracted the crowds, they looked enticing because they looked different to the next stand, consumers could understand what the products were and why they should buy them.

Artisan foods have never been more popular, consumers are really interested in finding and trying new, different and not mass produced foods and at this particular food fair, there were very few people who went home empty handed or empty-bellied.

Artisan food products are generally more expensive to buy than some of the bigger brands available from the supermarkets, and rightly so, they’re a lot better tasting!

However, in the eyes of the consumer, the way that the product is branded and packaged should portray the price band too, artisan producers cannot expect consumers to pay full price for their products that aren’t presented correctly.

Branding and packaging need not cost mega bucks to be effective, but it should be well thought out, bespoke, reflect the type of product that it is and appeal to its target market, for example, the branding of real ale or cider will look very different to artisan chocolates.

It’s easy to buy off-the-shelf packaging, labels and even to design a logo. But what would the difference be to your nearest competitor who bought the same or similar packaging and labels to you and a similar template logo?

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How would potential consumers define your brand and its products? How would they know what the differences are? Brand identity is key to consumers understanding what your products are and making a purchase.


Marketing Food Products

Poor packaging can affect sales

I recently met with an artisan producer that we’re creating branding and packaging for, and he mentioned that other fellow producers in their field were complaining about the lack of sales recently, but they all use the same generic labels on their products, just changing the wording, they don’t have a brand identity and consumers don’t stand a chance in defining the differences between products and the producers can’t sell their products.

Food festivals and fairs are very different routes to market than shops, consumers often get the chance to meet the producers and producers then have the opportunity to sell their products directly, talk about how great their products are and show their passion for their products, however, the consumers still have to be attracted to the stand in the first place, and a compelling and well thought out stand and brand design will always work better than an unbranded one.

At Toast we love to work with artisan food producers, we’re passionate foodies and our expertise can help producers to get their brands noticed and grow.

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