Adding that little more to your PDF brochure

Online brochure formats are increasingly becoming more and more popular as they give you the ability to respond to client requests instantly. 

The most popular are the PDF brochure format, which can be created from various software packages, but there is a lot more you can utilise from this format that will help enhance the end user experience. A PDF brochure offers a whole range of benefits from interactivity to increasing ability to share.

 interactive pdf brochure

What can Toast help me do?

The PDF or ‘digital’ version of your brochure should not only follow your brand but enhance it. Toast can create a digital version of your online brochure design and tailor it depending on what the end user’s primary use is going to be or which format enhances what you are selling/promoting. Some of the functions that can be added are:

1. Forms – editable for questionnaires, technical forms, booking forms and enquiries

2. Embedded movies – add movie clips to pages

3. Hyperlinks – provide easy links to external web pages, but also to internal pages to save scrolling

4. Interactive – convert the PDF to an online ‘flippy’ page format that you can add to web pages and create links to it.


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 pdf brochure forms

So why bother adding these functions to my PDF brochure?

Adding one or more of these functions will help your PDF work a little harder and might just be one of the things that help differentiate your PDF brochure from your competitors. When creating your electronic PDF brochure you also need to consider:

1. File size – can you email this, is it small enough to download quickly?

2. Optimise images – make sure images are looking as good as possible within certain file sizes

3. Security – do you need to add encryption or create a password?

4. Configuration – does the PDF version your creating conform to your client’s versions?

Adding extra functions to your PDF brochure isn’t the golden ticket and should just be a part of the overall package your electronic brochures provide.

In most cases, people create PDFs but are then let down by the presentation/design of the document. Toast are experts in providing well designed and functional PDF brochures for companies, so why not talk to us today about how we can help you get the most out of your PDFs?

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