Launching a new food product.

If so, you’re about to embark on an exciting adventure into one of the most fast-paced and rewarding industries out there. We could be the perfect partner to help you launch your new food product.

In 2021, the size of the UK grocery market stood at around 212 billion British pounds. The market has been steadily growing since 2004 and is estimated to reach over 241 billion British pounds by 2027. There’s never been a better time to launch a new food product.

The market is very well-populated, with thousands of new products launched each year; however, it’s also a very rewarding market with a growing demand for different food products.

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launching a new food product

Exciting times for artisan food producers.

In the last few years, the UK has seen a great resurgence in supply and demand for a huge variety of food products. We want to enjoy the same high-quality foods at home as we would in restaurants, and we have a much deeper understanding of what goes into what we eat.

We only need to wander down the aisles of any supermarket to see this, from homemade micro-producers to more experienced artisan products, all creating some great products. This has given consumers an appetite for finding and trying different products, it’s never been a more exciting time, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down.

So, if you are considering launching a new food product this year, let us help you achieve the right brand styling for your products. The key point is to get the basics of your product right – the market research, the ingredients, product testing and branding and packaging.

This is what we do at Toast, and we love to work on branding projects for food businesses that share our passion for clear, effective and creative brand design. That’s why we’ve been chasing our passion for 25 years, and why we’d love to help you do the same.

Be clear and confident.

The most successful food brands in the UK are the ones that have a clear, confident brand identity that they involve in everything that they do, from the tone of voice of their messaging, the brand styling and packaging, marketing and advertising and even the name itself. In a crowded market, you can’t be afraid of your own voice!

The producers that have recognised the value of good brand design early on are the ones that are reaping the rewards.

This doesn’t have to cost the earth, and it needn’t be the finished thing straight away, but if you ask yourself a few key questions early on in the life of your new food product and do your homework, it will lead to greater success further down the line. This gives you more time to spend doing what you really want to do….making and selling great products.

  • Why are you doing it?
  • Who is your target market?
  • What issues do they care about?
  • Where will your target market find your products?
  • How much are they expecting to pay?
  • What are you trying to say?
  • What makes your products different?
  • Who is the competition?

The answers to the above questions will give you more focus when it comes to defining the branding for your product, and you will have a clearer understanding of what is right or wrong for your target audience.

The key thing is that they can find and understand your products, and clear branding will achieve this, but you need to have confidence and understanding before you start the branding process with any design agency.

We find that the most successful branding projects always come from collaboration, the ones where our clients are involved in the decision-making process from beginning to end. The best projects are also the ones where the client has always kept focus on the end consumer, not making decisions simply based on their personal taste.

For example, choosing images or colours because they are a favourite, or selecting a font style that is unreadable but they ‘think it looks great’. The target audience is who everyone needs to focus on and the answers to the above questions should always remain in mind throughout the whole process.

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What makes a new food product a success?

Several factors can contribute to the success of a new food product. While there is no one-size-fits-all formula for success, the following elements are commonly associated with successful food products:

  • The product should offer something different or unique compared to existing options in the market. Whether it’s a novel flavour, an innovative ingredient, or a distinct nutritional benefit, being able to stand out is crucial.
  • Thoroughly understanding your target market, its needs, preferences, and behaviours is essential. Market research helps identify trends, gaps, and opportunities that your product can capitalise on.
  • Maintaining consistent product quality and availability is expected. Customers should be able to rely on your product meeting their expectations every time they purchase it.
  • With the increasing focus on health and wellness, consumers often look for food products that are nutritious, natural, and free from undesirable additives. Highlighting the health benefits of your product can be a key selling point.
  • Consumers today are conscious of the environmental and ethical implications of their food choices. A commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing can appeal to this demographic.
  • Introducing your product at the right time can make a significant difference. Consider seasonal trends, consumer behaviour, and current events that may affect the timing of your product launch.
  •  Listening to customer feedback and being open to making necessary improvements is a key element of success. Continuous refinement based on consumer input is essential.

It’s important to note that not all successful new food products achieve immediate and widespread success. Building a strong brand and a loyal customer base often takes time. Persistence, adaptability, and the ability to learn from both successes and failures are also essential for long-term success in the food industry.

launch a new food product

There are some other thoughts to consider when creating the branding for your new food product.

1. Be brave.

Push the boat out when it comes to telling your brand’s story; it’s important to be different and for your target audience to take notice of what you have to say. A well-crafted brand story helps distinguish your brand from your competitors and can highlight what makes your brand unique, whether it’s your history, mission, values, or the people behind the brand (that’s you!).

2. Know your market.

As mentioned above, get to know your target market: what current products do they buy, where do they shop, how often, how much do they spend on similar products to yours?

3. Make it your passion.

If you’re like any of the other food producers that we have met, you’re very passionate about what you do and why you’re doing it, it’s what you do. So why not tell the world about it? It’s a great selling point for people to understand how passionate you are, and it’s what makes your brand offering unique, different and exciting – all part of your brand story.

4. Make it different.

Why be a copycat product? There are hundreds of those, and they’re not around for very long, but what will truly give your products kudos and longevity is individuality and a product that is different to the rest. Your brand cannot succeed without a unique selling point.

5. Make it consistent.

This is where we come back to understanding your target market and giving them a product that they understand and know that it’s produced with them in mind. Everything that they see about your product should be consistent, either in its styling, messaging, images that the brand uses and tone of voice, consistency breeds trust.

6. Be realistic.

Be prepared for the long journey. It won’t bring you riches overnight, but with hard work and continuing to love what you do it will be very rewarding. Respond to customer feedback, be prepared to innovate and enjoy the ride.

We can help:

At Toast, we love to work with food producers! We’re passionate foodies, and our expertise can help producers tell their brand story, get their products noticed and sell.

If you have a food product that you’re looking to get off the ground, give Chris at Toast a call today and let’s get started on getting your brand noticed.

Chris Tymon

Chris Tymon

Chris is a founding Creative Director at Toast and works across Food Branding and design work for clients in the food sector.