Ten things Marketers should look for from a full-service design agency.

There are loads of marketers that buy designs from various design agencies, big or small.

But, how can a marketer know that they’re getting the best service possible? We’ve used our experience to come up with ten things that marketers should look for in a full service design agency:

1. Understanding

You need to look for a design agency that gets to know its clients and their needs. If a design agency understands you, they have a better chance of creating amazing design solutions for you.

2. Ideas

There are lots of agencies that churn out the same ideas over and over again, in their house-style. How will this make their clients stand out? Marketers need to find an agency that has new ideas and plenty of them.

3. A Challenge

Marketers need a design agency that likes a challenge. We never take a design brief at face value. We look it over and find the best solution. Often, we find that the result can be improved if we tweak the brief, and challenge it.

4. Dedication

Obviously, you want people that work hard and are dedicated to the cause. There’s no point in hiring a company that can’t give you their full attention. All this will do is hold you back.

5. Honesty

Another key thing to look for is honesty. Design agencies need to be honest with their clients and take responsibility for anything that goes wrong. If you find one that isn’t willing to speak openly and be honest, then you should walk away.

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6. Trust

It’s important that marketers trust the design team they’re working with. Trust that they know what they’re talking about and can deliver results. Check their history and see past achievements and work to know if you can trust their judgment.

7. Respect

There has to be mutual respect between two parties whenever they do business together. In this instance, a marketer needs a design agency that respects them. A company that treats their clients how they like to be treated.

8. Passion

One of the most important things to look for is passion. Find an agency that’s passionate about what they do and everything will go smoothly. Passionate agencies provide a top service because they love what they do.

9. Knowledge

It’s crucial that a design company have lots of knowledge and experience behind them. We’ve worked with numerous clients and can tell you that experience has helped us grow in knowledge. We know how to do things a lot quicker and more effective than when we first started out.

10. Capacity

Hiring a small agency can mean that they get overrun and can’t manage projects properly. On the other hand, big ones can over charge and leave your projects to be managed by lots of people. When too many people work on a project, it’s easy to lose control. The best thing to look for is something in between both of these. A mid-sized agency like us, for example.

If an agency doesn’t fill all of these points, then they’re not for you. We use these ten points as a mantra for our company to ensure we deliver the best work for all of our clients.

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Chris Tymon

Chris Tymon

Chris is a founding Creative Director at Toast and works across Food Branding and design work for clients in the food sector.