How do I supply amends to my designer?

How do I supply amends to my designer?

You’ve received the first draft of your new brochure from the designer and want to make a few changes. How do you go about giving them amends?

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Marked up pdf

Our preferred method of receiving amends is by marking up a pdf. You can do this by using the comments tool in Adobe Acrobat. This allows you to mark and highlight sections of text which need to be changed along with the function to type instructions. It’s very easy to use and presents your amends in a clear and understandable format.  

Tracked changes

You can supply amends using track changes in a Microsoft Word document. Please don’t send us an updated Word document without these changes being highlighted as we won’t be able to tell what amends need to be made.

Bullet points  

We’re also happy to receive amends as a list of bullet points. For instance, you could put: Page three, first paragraph, line four – change ‘we’re’ to ‘we are’. This form of amends unlike a marked up pdf or Word document with track changes doesn’t show the designer visually where to make amends. Therefore it’s important to clearly site where you want to make changes.   


We tend to discourage our clients from sending us photos or scans with hand annotated notes. The reason for this is that it takes much longer to type up your amends and the chance of this leading to mistakes is higher due to issues with handwriting legibility or misunderstanding an amend.


We enjoy speaking to our clients and are happy to discuss a project at any point over the phone. We do, however, try and avoid taking text or other detailed amends this way because similar to handwritten changes, mistakes can occur if something is misheard or forgotten. This method is also more time consuming. For instance, there may be more work than meets the eye to a simple amend which if dictated over the phone, we may still be working on whilst you read out the next amend.

Collate amends

We much prefer to receive amends all in one go rather than in three or four emails. This reduces the risk of amends being missed and speeds up the process. It’s also much easier to track the progress of a project when revisions are limited.

Do you have a document you need updating? Talk to Toast Today 

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David Foreman

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