A taste for food brand design.

Here at Toast, we have a real passion food brand design, in particular, the artisan producers who really care about what they’re producing and have a real passion for it.

There are some great examples of food brand design out there that we really admire and wish that we at Toast had produced the design for, to name but a few Dorset Cereal and Higgidy Pies are great examples of representing the ”smaller” artisan food company that is trying to do something different and have some fun along the way.

Over the past few years, we’ve been lucky to find and work with some like-minded food companies that are right up there with the Dorsets & Higgidy’s, including The Grown Up Chocolate Company, The Artisan Kitchen, Ross & Ross Foods and The Open Oven Pizza Co, who we have created brand designs for and can be found on our website dedicated to food branding.

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They all share one key ingredient – Passion.

As well as having great tasting products, they all love what they’re doing, are bursting with enthusiasm and are a pleasure to work with. We share the same key ingredients, but our passion is to create a great design for our clients, a design that works for them, tells a story and gets our client’s brands noticed on the shelves.

food brand design

It’s working too, our designs for The Grown Up Chocolate Company‘s bars can be found on the shelves of Fortnum and Mason and even though Ross and Ross only started out a year ago, their potted meats and chutneys can be bought from Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge. The delicious Jams from The Artisan Kitchen can be found in M&S up and down the country. We’re really proud to have helped both companies achieve their goals.

Artisan Kitchen branding and packaging

Of course, it’s all about the product – you can really taste the passion, love and care that has gone into them, but good design helps the product get stocked by buyers, noticed by consumers and dropped into a shopping basket, then they find out how great it tastes!

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Chris Tymon

Chris Tymon

Chris is a founding Creative Director at Toast and works across Food Branding and design work for clients in the food sector.