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Brochures need to work hard these days, never has this been truer than with charity brochure design.

Getting the most out of your budget isn’t so much a desire as a business prerequisite when it comes to designing brochures for charities and NFPs.

Over the last 15 years, Toast has worked with a whole range of charities, helping them to engage, advise, recruit or educate on subjects ranging from third world hunger to living with cancer.

In completing these projects we have created everything from brochures and leaflets through to exhibitions and campaigns, very often all of the above for the same charity.

All too often we are asked to redesign or reinvigorate an existing newsletter or campaign, created by someone else, as it may not have achieved its original goals or delivered the results it was meant to.

We work with our clients to identify possible improvements and create new designs and layouts whilst still maintaining brand guidelines and standards.

A good example of this is the charity brochure design we created for Breakthrough Breast Cancer: The Advocate.



The Advocate newsletter is a long-standing newsletter that is aimed at supporters of Breakthrough Breast Cancer to thank them for the good work they do, encourage them to do more and engage with other people to increase overall support.

We worked with them to redevelop the look and feel, layout and structure to make it easier to navigate and easier to read.

The effect is a brighter more engaging newsletter that works harder and is more effective at generating support.

Over the years many of our charity brochure design clients have turned to us to help them achieve more with shrinking marketing budgets and we have helped by suggesting various options, one of the most popular being the adoption of electronic brochures.

By developing and designing a brochure for electronic usage, print costs are reduced while the end product is interactive and can replace larger print runs by being made available online.

If you have a job in mind then you could call Mark today on 01295 26 66 44 and discuss how Toast can help you achieve more from your design.

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