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promote your business with marketing

Rebrand or promote what you’ve already got?

The internet is full of big-budget rebrand success stories, but is a rebrand always the best strategy? There are many reasons why you might want to consider rebranding your company; from simply updating your logo in line with more modern trends to trying to revitalise a brand and open up new markets. It seems like […]

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7 ideas for a new leaflet design

In this increasingly digital landscape, we believe there’s still a space for great leaflets that connect with new and existing customers. Leaflets are a cost-effective way of mass marketing to your potential new customers, and there’s nothing quite like a physical piece of marketing collateral that your customers can keep, rather than just bookmark. Effective […]

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Sales posters

How to make your sales posters pop

We look at how Toast helped LifePharm redesign their sales posters. LifePharm® approached us to redesign a range of 10 posters for their sales teams. The posters were to be displayed in offices to help the sales teams quickly identify the range and the unique benefits of each product.

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Are you planning on improving your marketing & print?

Are you looking forward to marketing in the coming year? Are you confident in the effectiveness of your current marketing materials? As the holiday season comes to a conclusion, thoughts move to the new year and the possible opportunities that the year may bring. Are you confident that you are going to achieve the results […]

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Digital Marketing services for Food or Drink Brands.

Whether you’re an established brand or just starting out, there’s one place your buyer can always be found; online. With all food and drink brands, the initial focus of any design and strategic work is based around the branding and packaging, but once these stages of your journey are complete, it’s digital marketing that will […]

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No more death by Powerpoint

So your Powerpoint presentation looks boring and amateurish, which is having a negative effect on your audience. End this misery by letting Toast design you a Powerpoint template that you can use, is on brand and elevates your marketing collateral design. There are some simple steps (and here comes the list) that we follow to help make the experience of your […]

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Creative ideas for promotional giveaways

If you go to any conference or trade show then you are more than likely to walk out with at least one branded carrier bag filled to the brim with promotional items. The different types of items available can be staggering, and to be honest a little bewildering – just because you can put your […]

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Marketing collateral

Creating brand consistency in Marketing Materials

How to create brand consistency in marketing materials Due to the high level of integration that is now demanded by modern marketing campaigns, it is now obvious that brand consistency is important in your marketing collateral. Brand consistency should be achieved across not only the campaigns but the underlying strategy.     So why is […]

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How to engage your target audience with effective marketing design

What is your target market and how do you engage with them? Knowing how to engage your target audience with effective marketing collateral design is a perennial challenge.  Toast is the perfect partner to help you identify who the target audience is, what profile or persona they reflect and then how best to use this […]

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Looking to create marketing materials that are integrated and on brand?

Consistent and coordinated marketing materials project a clear and uniform message Do you want to integrate your marketing materials with your branding? Toast create a broad range of well-designed materials that support your marketing collateral needs, these include newsletters, posters, exhibition stands through to a range of online advert formats. The following topics look into more detail on […]

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Make the logo bigger

Rolling out a new “bigger” brand across all marketing materials

Rolling out “bigger” brand across marketing materials – branding Creating brands can be fun and we have taken a much-used phrase “can you make our logo bigger” (heard a lot in the design industry), to illustrate how you can roll out a new brand across a whole range of marketing collateral and materials. We look at how […]

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Exhibition stand design

What are pop up exhibition stands?

Its a term you have seen used when it comes to exhibitions, but what are they and is it the right exhibition format for you? Pop up display stands consist of a pre-constructed folded down metal frame that ‘pops’ up into place to form a skeleton frame from which you can then attach display graphic panels via magnetic strips. As […]

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display banner designers

Display banner designers

Creating engaging and informative display banner designs are essential when showcasing your products or services. Toast are display banner designers that have vast experience in creating stunning display materials. Let us help you to generate sells and promote key messages whilst maintaining a strong consistent brand. How do we do this? There are a number of things we […]

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Pop up banner design

Outstanding exhibition design

If you are displaying at a show or an event you’ll need some form of exhibition design to promote your product or service. Toast are the ideal design agency to help you with every aspect of your exhibition design. Depending on what event and where you plan to display can make a significant difference to the […]

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Infographic design

Infographics are becoming ever more popular as they are great at presenting information in a quick, clear and informative format.  Infographics can also be used in annual reports, presentations, websites and brochures, giving you a powerful tool that can be applied to various materials. Infographic design also provides a great visual shortcut to complex information as […]

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