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Redesigning an established logo for an Africa-based charity.

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On call Africa Logo Designs


On Call Africa is an established charity that was looking to rework their logo to better reflect the organisation and its work.


We worked with the charity and key stakeholders to completely rework the logo design whilst retaining some acknowledgement to the old, widely recognised branding.


The new logo design builds upon the previous design and retains elements for easy recall and transition to the new branding.

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On call Africa Logo Design

Logo variations.

It’s essential that any logo design is flexible enough to work across a range of items and media. Our logo design projects always include a range of logo options.

This enables the logo to be used effectively in a range of applications and settings.

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On call Africa Logo variations


We often apply the logo and branding design to a wide range of other elements including stationery, printed items and promotional materials.

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Style guides.

All our logo projects include application considerations for the logo moving forward. If the budget allows, we always suggest a basic style guide is created for the logo to outline its use.

For this project, we outlined basic logo usage guidelines for spacing and fonts.

On call Africa brand Design

Font usage.

Selecting an appropriate font to work with the logo is all part of the wider branding part of the project.

A font that’s accessible, legible and works well with the logo is crucial to maintain consistent branding across all marketing and promotional collateral.

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On call Africa Font Design
brand guidelines example
brand guidelines example design
brand guidelines example colours
On call Africa Tshirt Design

The old logo.

Like many charities, On Call Africa’s original logo was strong, but lacked some polish and needed refining.

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Old On Call Africa Logo
On call Africa Logo Design