Website maintenance.

We can look after your website for you: monthly or ad-hoc website maintenance services for websites.

Looking for website maintenance?

We can help with everything from content to SEO, and we do it all in-house. If you are looking for a friendly, UK-based, jargon-free website maintenance agency to help you look after your website, give us a call on 01295 266644.

Website maintenance plans.

Our website maintenance plan is called SiteCare.

We offer a range of plans that cover all types of websites and platforms, from small blogs to larger corporate sites.

You can pick the best plan for your requirements or a bespoke plan.

Not ready for a monthly plan?

Try us on an ad-hoc basis first – we can provide support as and when required, and you can get a feel for how we can work with you.

If you are unsure what approach is best for your site, call us on 01295 266644 – we’ll look at your site, discuss what you need and suggest the best way to proceed.

Our plans.

We call our website support plans SiteCare. We look after your site, keep things updated and provide content, design and technical support. You can call us on 01295 266644 or request via email. All support time is logged and recorded, and we advise in advance how much time a request should take.



£40 per month + VAT

40 minutes of support time each month.

Perfect for smaller sites and blogs where you might just need the occasional bit of assistance with your site.

  • Use your time for anything (design, development, fixes etc.)
  • WordPress & Plugin Updates included
  • Max 24-hour response time*
  • Actioned within 24 hours (subject to request scope)*
  • Instant support for website outages*
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£80 per month + VAT

80 minutes of support time each month.

The plan for SMEs with larger websites and more requirements for monthly support and help.

  • Use your time for anything (design, development, fixes etc.)
  • WordPress & Plugin Updates included
  • Max 12-hour response time*
  • Actioned within 12 hours (subject to request scope)*
  • Instant support for website outages*
  • Monthly SEO & Audit Report
  • £40 discount on the first month!
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£120 per month + VAT

120 minutes of support time each month.

The starter plan for e-commerce sites allows more time for more complex support requests.

  • Use your time for anything (design, development, fixes etc.)
  • WordPress & Plugin Updates included
  • Max 8-hour response time*
  • Actioned within 8 hours (subject to request scope)*
  • Instant support for website outages*
  • Weekly SEO & Audit Report
  • Free Access to our Premium plugins
  • £40 discount on the first month!
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£250 per month + VAT

250 minutes of support time each month.

If your site is larger or bespoke, this plan allows more time which can be used across a wider range of requests.

  • Flexible, scalable plans for larger clients
  • Use your time for anything (design, development, fixes etc.)
  • WordPress & Plugin Updates included
  • Max 4-hour response time*
  • Actioned within 4 hours (subject to request scope)*
  • Instant support for website outages*
  • Weekly SEO & Audit Report
  • Free Access to our Premium plugins
  • SEM Rush Dashboard Access
  • Advanced SEO support
  • Hosting discount
  • £40 discount on the first month!
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£500 per month + VAT

500 minutes of support time each month.

Our corporate plan for mission-critical websites with priority requests and more complex websites.

  • Flexible, scalable plans for larger clients
  • Use your time for anything (design, development, fixes etc.)
  • WordPress & Plugin Updates included
  • Max 4-hour response time*
  • Actioned within 4 hours (subject to request scope)*
  • Instant support for website outages*
  • Weekly SEO & Audit Report
  • Free Access to our Premium plugins
  • SEM Rush Dashboard Access
  • Advanced SEO support
  • Hosting discount
  • £40 discount on the first month!
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Bespoke plans

Tailored to your website.

If you need something larger, just let us know; we have clients on much larger plans who we work with daily.

Bespoke plans are tailored for more significant sites and can include:

  • Proactive site management with scheduled content work
  • Monthly on-page SEO and off-page SEO planning and management
  • Larger development scope
  • Custom SLAs
  • Dedicated support team member
  • Consultation and strategy
  • Access to senior development, strategy and SEO team members
  • Everything from the lower-tier plans included
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What do we support?

There are a lot of different content management systems out there, but we can help you with yours!

Many content management systems and website builders work in similar ways, so we’ve got the experience to help you with whatever system you use.

From a WordPress site to a hand-built HTML site, we can help support and improve your website.

WordPress Website support

We provide support for WordPress sites.

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WooCommerce Website support

Help, configuration, tech and theme support for Woo.

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Shopify Website support

Content, layout, theme and SEO support for Shopify.

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Wix Website support

Content, layout, SEO and technical help with WIX.

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Squarespace Website support

Content, layout, SEO and technical help with Squarespace.

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HTML Website support

We also support hand-coded sites, however they are built.

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Don’t see your CMS?

Get in touch, and we’ll see if we can help.

We can take a quick look over any website and let you know if we are able to help you. There are 100s of CMSs, so if your website is built on something unusual, give us a call.

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Website maintenance made simple.

If something takes 11 minutes, you’re billed 11 minutes.

When you have a website maintenance plan with Toast, everything we do for you is charged by the minute, not the hour.

  • Put in a request via a callemail or support ticket.
  • We’ll come back to you to clarify what’s needed (if required) and then let you know how many minutes the task will take and when we can do it (usually same-day).
  • We’ll do the work and let you know when it’s done.
  • The exact number of minutes will be taken off your time for the month.
  • Top-up your support during any month @ £1 ex per additional minute
  • Scale your plan up or down at any time
  • Cancel at anytime with one-months notice

We action many requests directly on live sites to save our clients time and money, but we can also provide staging environments or testing sites for more significant work that’s best done outside of the live production environment.

Use your support time for anything!

We’re an in-house team of 17 creatives, developers, copywriters and SEO experts so you can use your time for any of our services.

Whereas many website maintenance services only provide technical support, you can use your support time with Toast for anything, from artwork and design to copywriting and SEO.

You can also use your website maintenance support time for:

  • Brand Strategy and Consultation
  • Blog/Content production
  • Copywriting & Copy editing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Design and Artwork
  • Multimedia Design
  • On-page SEP
  • SEO research
  • Social Media
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

Do you want hosting with that?

We also provide hosting services for clients who would prefer us to look after everything.

We can look after hosting your website on one of our dedicated WP Engine servers or a shared hosting server for smaller sites.

Hosting with Toast means we’ve got everything covered, from your website support to your hosting management and speed optimisation.

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I have no hesitation in recommending Toast. For a number of years they have been our preferred website developer – they provide flexible, highly-effective and innovative solutions to many of our website related challenges and developments.

Jarno Stet – Waste & Recycling Manager
Westminster City Council

Team GB Live Logo

The team at Toast respond to any site updates or problems quickly and efficiently, they consistently deliver great work and have worked across multiple websites and projects with us. The online support services are really useful for logging requests and the team is always friendly and helpful.

Simone Gill
Senior Marketing Manager

Our website and Online Store have become especially important to us as a business during these challenging times and the team at Toast have been great at supporting us, resolving issues quickly and helping us add new features such as Click & Collect to ensure we can continue to get our beer out to customers. Would highly recommend them.

Mark Graham
Marketing Manager

Support and maintenance for websites that’s more than just technical support.

Depending on how your website has been built, there are lots of different things that you’ll need to do to maintain it.

We can help with everything, from the smallest tweak to design changes, content updates, on- and off-page SEO and more!

Get help with website maintenance

For example, if it’s a WordPress site, you’ll need to keep it and all of your plugins updated regularly, as failing to do so can leave your site vulnerable to hackers.

On the other end of the scale, if your site is hand-coded and uses external scripts to do stuff, these scripts will also need to be updated as and when the authors update them.

Our team of developers can start looking after everything now – we’re UK-based – call us on 01295 266644 or click below to send us a message.

No-nonsense, jargon-free support.

Our support clients can speak directly to our website team via phone or email. 

What makes our team different is that we’re creatively led.

We’re not just technical support, so you get to speak to one person who can help you with development work and the creative requirement that usually comes with it (design and copywriting).

This also makes it much easier to get things done.

Rather than speaking to several people for help with something, our staff can pick up your request and sort it out themselves.

You can have support from Toast on a pay-as-you-go basis, or we have monthly plans that start at £40 ex VAT per month.

We provide website maintenance and support for a wide range of businesses across many different sectors.

Talk directly to the team doing the work!

Don’t let anything get lost in translation: with our website maintenance, you get to speak directly to the team that’s working on your website.

You can call us anytime (during office hours), and we’ll get whatever you need sorted ASAP!

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Website maintenance services.

We provide maintenance services for websites:

  • Technical optimisation
  • APIs
  • Content alterations, additions and planning
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO (backlinks, marketing etc.)
  • Social Media
  • Site Structure optimisation
  • Plugins/Apps and third-party add-ons
  • Themes and templates
  • E-commerce
  • Platform updates
  • Design & Creative
  • Hosting

We’re flexible with our support and understand that sometimes you may need us to get something done for you (like adding a new page), and other times you may need something more complex – we can help with everything.

Whether you have a monthly maintenance plan or want ad-hoc support, call us on 01295 266644.

Website maintenance costs.

Toast’s web support plans start from just £40 ex VAT per month.

For larger sites, especially e-commerce sites, we offer more in-depth plans that start from £120 ex VAT per month.

For corporate sites that need more attention and to have us on hand as a go-to for all web work, we offer SiteCare250 and 500.

These plans are designed for larger businesses that want to outsource all their web support and maintenance.

If you’re looking for website maintenance companies, you’ll find a lot out there – all with slightly different plans and support available.

Our advice is to speak to people directly before signing up for anything to ensure they will be doing the work and not farming it out.

Get one month of SiteCare40 for free!

Have one month of our basic plan or £40 off your first month of any plan.

Many people we help with their sites have had their fingers burned by unprofessional website maintenance providers.

If you are looking for a new partner to manage and maintain your website, you can try us for free for one month to see if we are the right team for your website.

No credit card or contract is required.

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Struggling to find a reliable website maintenance agency?

Serious support.

We know that finding a website support and maintenance company can be difficult.

How do you know who to choose with so many agencies offering plans?

Unlike many website maintenance agencies, we don’t outsource our work; our full-time team does everything in-house.

We’re confident you’ll find our service effective, efficient and easy to use.

Need something bespoke? Build your own support plan.

The Toast Team

UK-based website design & maintenance.

What makes Toast different?

We’re a large agency, and all our support staff are based in the UK and work in the same building – our studio is in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

On top of this, you don’t just have to use your support time for technical issues.

Our web support clients have access to our developers, design team, copywriters and strategists – we can help you with all aspects of your site – not just the technical ones.

As well as our website maintenance packages, we can also provide the following:

  • Strategic assistance
  • Design for print and other off-line materials
  • Copywriting
  • Social media management
  • HubSpot
  • Branding

As a professional web design agency (rather than a bunch of freelancers dotted around the globe), our website maintenance plans provide 360-degree care and support for your website and offer the full range of services you’d expect from a full-service agency.

Frequently asked questions.

Below are some answers to common questions about website maintenance.

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance is the process of keeping your website up-to-date, ensuring it all works correctly and making sure it follows best practices in terms of UX and SEO.

Why is regular maintenance essential for a website?

Regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring your website’s performance, improving security, and providing a good user experience. It helps keep the site secure, increasing visitor numbers, and boosting your SEO and Google rankings.

What are the common tasks involved in website maintenance?

Common tasks include updating content, fixing broken links, updating software and plugins, backing up data, and reviewing security protocols.

What can you use support time for?

With our plans, you can use your time for any of the services we offer as a full-service agency. These include artwork, design, copywriting, content production, development work, SEO and more!

Does support time roll over from month to month?

No, but if you are not using your team each month, we’ll suggest you downgrade your plan. We monitor all usage every three months, so we’ll advise accordingly.

Can you get support on evenings and weekends?

It’s best not to make significant updates to your site outside of office hours. We do offer out-of-ours support but generally suggest that work is done during office hours.

What sort of websites do we maintain?

From hand-coded sites to popular CMSs including WordPress, WIX and Shopify, we can help you with your website whatever it is built on and however it’s built.

Do we provide staging environments for larger site updates?

Yes, we can. Most hosting companies do offer these as-standard, but if you have significant changes to a site, we can clone to a staging or development server to do the work.

Do we design and build sites?

Yes, we’re not just a website maintenance company, we design and build bespoke websites for clients of all sizes. You can see our portfolio here.