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Re-branding Cotswold Evolving an existing logo for a property consultant.

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Colmore Gaskell Logo


Colmore Gaskell approached Toast to evolve their existing logo design, bringing it up-to-date to better reflect the company as it had grown significantly since the initial logo was designed.


Building on the existing logo design, we suggested retaining the icon element of the logo to create a transition between old and new, retaining some of the original logo layouts.


The new logo design was created to be more effective across digital media, it was simplified into a more easily recognisable icon with an updated typeface.

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Colmore Gaskell Logo

Logo variations.

As with all our logo design projects, having the ability to use variations of the logo that are specifically designed for purpose makes this new logo more adaptable.

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Colmore Gaskell Logo Variations


The icon element of the logo gave us the option to use it in a more abstract form across supporting materials which further strengthens the overall identity design.

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Colmore Gaskell Livery

Logo use.

It’s important to have some basic branding usage guidelines drawn up for any logo. Foe this project we set up some basic style guides to ensure the logo was used correctly across different media.

Colmore Gaskell Logo Usage

Extending the design.

A strong icon-based aspect to a logo can allow for more experimental and playful usage across different branded collateral and adds a depth to the creative possibilities.

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Colmore Gaskell Logo Abstract


During the initial stages of the project, we explored a wide range of initial design options, some based on the original design, others exploring different icons and creative tangents.

Colmore Gaskell Logo Concepts