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Map design

We design custom maps for brochures, websites and events

Need a custom map designing?

It’s pretty easy to go and create a custom Google map and then embed it in your website page or post – but for on-brand work, you need a custom map design.

However, sometimes you’re going to need a more customised map than Google or some stock image can provide. This is where our map graphic design experience comes in.

More than just a map design

If you decide to go for a custom map design, it’s possible to make it far more than ‘just’ a map. 

Firstly, having a bespoke map created means that you can control the design and ensure that it’s on-brand and in line with all your other marketing materials.

Secondly, you can bring in other elements of your corporate identity such as icons, corporate fonts and other elements to make the map something that can be used across all your marketing materials.

Town Map Design


Map design

Maps don’t just have to be about ‘finding’ something

You may just think that a map is used for showing locations and how to to get to them. Actually, the design of a map can be very similar to an infographic.

For example, it could show potential customers where your stand is at an exhibition. That’s a pretty standard map, but you could also add into this a more detailed ‘map’ of your stand – showing visitors where to go for specific information or how to best walk around your stand.

Maps can also be used to show how your product or service works – more of a ‘road map’ than a location map, but the premise is the same. You need a bespoke graphic that’s designed inline with your corporate identity or branding that conveys a route, direction or path.


Map designers


Making map design extra special

Whether it’s a simply customised trace of an existing map or a complex 3D vector illustration of your premises, a be-spoke map design will ensure that it’s on-brand and conveys exactly the right information.

A quick look on Pinterest shows just how different maps can be – from simple vector-based maps to hand-illustrated works of art.

Whatever you need, our in-house team of experienced map designers can help you to create a map that’s perfect for your needs.


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