Charlotte Brown

Charlotte Brown

Support Coordinator & Developer

What do you do at Toast?

My primary role at Toast is support Coordinator. This job covers the day-to-day management of our dedicated support ticket system as well as responding to support requests, performing fixes and additional project work for our clients.  

In addition to this, I also get involved in the management of the junior web development team and the designing and building of WordPress websites. I help manage a lot of the web projects here at Toast and see them through from the initial quotation all the way to completion. I am also involved in the general day to day management of the digital department as well as new buisness.

Having a strong background in graphic design is a real advantage when working in web and I do occasionally branch out into a bit of logo or advert design as well.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Toast?

Toast offers me the opportunity to continually develop and increase my creative skillset. Three years ago I was a print designer here, now I am leading the junior members of the digital department and working more on the strategy and planning side. I love working on large WordPress design and build projects, but am equally instead in the data-driven SEO we specialise in delivering to our clients.

What do you like doing outside of Toast?

Outside of Toast I love sport and am a keen swimmer. Over the last eight years, I have competed in triathlons over various distances, which my colleagues label me as mad for, but I love the physical and mental challenges it offers!

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