Art working.

Artworking Services

Not the most glamourous of jobs, but getting your final artwork right is crucial to any print project.

Need some help witih artwork?

Ok, so it’s the last thing that gets done, but after all the hard creative work, why scupper the project with poor art working.

In the old days, when we had to produce bromides and films for print work, art working was serious business.

Everything had to be spot on, otherwise your print job went horribly wrong!

It’s part of the creative art.

Art working can mean many different things.

To print designers, it’s making sure that all the files and images are propoerly prepped from printing.

Logo designers will look at it as getting the logo sorted in all the different formats and making sure it’s working perfectly at every size and on every device.

The artwork stage of any project is basically making sure that all the files, logos and other media are correctly formatted and ready for their final use – be this in print or on-screen.

Old school artwork.

Toast was formed in the days when we sent artwork to repro-houses and printers worked with films and plates.

We know about the ‘old ways’ of artworking, when attention to detail and a thourough understanding of the process was crucial.

This means that when you place a job with Toast it get’s the attention it deserves during the final stages of the project.

Organinsation saves time and money.

Part of preparing artwork also means keeping all the files for your project at every stage of the design and in all the required formats

If you’ve worked on print jobs in the past, you’ll be aware of how frustrating it can be to request a previous version of a file, only to find the designers either don’t have it or the photoshop files have all been flattened.

Issues like this take time, and cost money to recreate – it’s better to have all the files there in the first place.

Art working – the small things count.

Ok – so most clients don’t think about artwork – but that’s what they pay us for.

Place a job with Toast, and you can be sure that it will be art worked and looked after properly at every stage of the project.

We’ll make sure the files, colours and every aspect of the job is perfect before it goes live or to print.

What else do we artwork?

If you’ve got a currently brochure that’s a little tired, our artwork team can tidy it up and refresh it.

Logos are also a common element of branding that need a little TLC – we help clients that have old logos in JPG formats artwork them into useable vector-based versions to use in the digital age.

Artworking is just one small aspect of the full-service that Toast offers, but we think it’s quite an important one!