Branding workshop.

brand workshop

Our branding workshops will help you to align every aspect of your branding.

Why bother with a brand workshop?

Brand positioning workshop exercises, or Brand Workshops as we call them, are an effective way of helping you to define your branding more clearly.

Brands now operate across far more channels than ever before, so making sure your direction is correct from day one can make everything else that little bit easier.

Some good brands have developed by chance, but the great brands haven’t. Behind every great brand is an even greater brand strategy, carefully guiding and constantly adapting to the world around it.

We work alongside our clients, matching their passion for their product with our passion for design. A well-designed brand can often be one of the most valuable assets a company can own, but like all assets, it needs to be appreciated and valued.

In a nutshell, we get all the stakeholders together and examine what your brand is and the best way to get it where you want it to be.

How does it work?

Unless otherwise agreed, brand strategy workshops for up to 8 people at a time are carried out at Toast HQ, although have been delivered on site with clients by agreement. Workshops consist of 4 stages:

  • Research – Reviewing the initial brief/requirement/questionnaire/desk research into sector and competitors.
  • Investigation – Telephone interviews, <4hr Workshop,
  • Development – Analysis of research and investigation, draft and 2 round of amends to working document.
  • Delivery – Creation of a working document that outlines the challenge, the development and proposed solution or plan.

Our workshops are tailored to our clients’ needs but our average brand workshop agenda would look like this:

Download Phase

  • Stakeholders
  • Current Situation/Processes
  • Brand Overview
  • Product Overview
  • Core Values
  • Customer persona’s

Positioning Phase

  • Brand Words
  • look & Feel
  • Vision, Mission, Personality, TOV and Style
  • Oneliness Statement

We usually ask clients to answer a few branding workshop questions before the workshop as by filling out our branding exercise questionnaire.

If you would like to know more about our branding workshop outline, our brand strategy workshop exercises or our carefully created brand strategy workshop exercises, then contact us today.