Charity design agency.

Charity design agency

We’ve wide-ranging experience and are passionate about being a Charity design agency that makes a difference.

Whether its graphic design for charity or building a website for a large non-profit, our creative team can make your budget go further.

Toast is an experienced charity design agency. We work with charities and non-profits on a wide range of creative and marketing campaigns.

Toast has produced tasty creative for lots of different clients over the past two decades.

And we’re hungry for more.

Working on creative projects for charities and non-profits is unlike our standard B2B and B2C work – and we like to keep it like that. Using our creative talent to make a difference is important to our business.

Over the years, we’ve donated £1000s by way of pro-bono work and much-needed hard cash, and we continue to do so.

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Design Work for Charity

Save budget without compromise.

Every pound that you spend on design should get you a return, and that’s our main focus when producing awesome creative design for charities.

Whether it’s a branding project, print work or fundraising collateral, you need an agency that delivers the ideas and doesn’t burn your bread.

We’ll involve you and your team at every stage of the design process.

Everything we create starts life as ideas on paper.

We use pads and pencils to explore ideas and cover a lot of creative ground quickly – you get more bang for your buck.

This also has the advantage that no one gets too precious about the creative during the early stages of the project – crucial if we’re working with larger teams or stakeholders – everyone can input on the big-idea creative so everyone feels engaged with the project.

This again saves time and money – encouraging commitment to the creative direction before the creative team use the budget working up polished visuals.

We use this process for all projects – from a charity Annual report design to a non-profit website – it makes projects run smoother and can help increase ROI by keeping your investment in check.

Charity Leaflet Design

On- or off-brand creative that communicates and converts.

Sometimes we’re working on marketing and fundraising collateral that simply needs to be on-brand and turned around quickly.

Other projects need something new – an idea or direction to solve a specific problem.

As a full-service design agency for charities, we can help you with everything – from the day-to-day creative artwork to the idea-lead new approach for a campaign.

We have a flexible approach to meet the needs of each project.

The important thing is that we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach and force every project through the full creative process.

If you need a small fundraising promotional leaflet, we’ll create something that’s on-brand and turned around quickly at a sensible price.

If you need us to scratch our heads and approach a project from a more strategic viewpoint, we can do that, too.

Some projects need to push things.

We often get approached to work on projects that need to work outside of previous collateral or to explore a new direction.

Toast can bring a fresh, creative approach to help market your charity – if your current agency is just cooking up the same old stuff, we can help bring some new ideas.

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Design that makes a difference.

At Toast, we’re passionate about how well-planned creativity can make things better.

We can help you increase your audience, communicate more effectively or simply tweak your website, everything we do is done with this in mind.

We’ll build on your charity marketing strategy and even help you improve it.

Our passion for helping make things better is reflected in our work and enthusiasm for projects and we carry this through every job – from artworking a business card to building a website.

What can we do for you?

As an established agency that specialises in design for charities, we can provide the following services – these include one-off creative projects and charity marketing campaigns.

Everything we do is done in-house by our own team. We don’t outsource or offshore any work.

Print and Marketing collateral

We’ve worked on Annual Reports, brochures, ephemera, exhibition design, fundraising campaigns, promotional materials and stakeholder communications.

Our approach to graphic design for charities is that you need a creative partner who’s happy to work on and can handle all projects – no matter how small or large.


Creating logos for campaigns, branding work for campaigns and even rebranding charities entirely – our creative and strategic experience in branding work for charities means we can help with stuff from the very top level.


Competition online is harder than ever before and it’s essential that you have a design partner that can bring digital experience.

We design and build fully bespoke WordPress websites, provide ongoing SEO and technical optimisation and can integrate all of your on- and off-line marketing work in-house. If you need help with charity digital marketing, we do that, too!

Our graphic design and digital teams work seamlessly across projects, meaning you can go to one agency to get everything done.

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Design of an Annual Report for a Women's Charity

We like to give back.

As well as supporting charities directly, we also like to help our charity and non-profit clients directly.

Discounts without compromising anything.

We discount all of our advertised fixed-cost charges for things like website hosting and SiteCare – our website support and maintenance packages.

We offer 10% off these costs for all charities and this is a genuine discount – we’re upfront about our pricing for these services, so you can see exactly what this will save you.

Give back when you work with us.

Whenever you put a project through Toast, we’ll give you a percentage of that project back by way of time.

Every single pound you invest in design with our charity design agency contributes to the number of hours we’ll give you back each quarter.

You can use this time on existing work, or new projects or even donate it to another charity that needs some creative assistance.

We believe that this is a fully transparent way to genuinely give back and support the charities we design for.

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We’ll pick up the small stuff too.

You don’t always need a charity design agency to work on high-profile larger projects, so we’re also on hand to provide design services for charities with smaller budgets.

Many of the people we work with have already had work produced by an (expensive) specialist charity branding agency – they then come to us to pick up the branding work and roll it out across other day-to-day materials.

Our creative teams are geared up for this.

We win and retain many charity and NFP design accounts by being affordable, quick and creative.

Our understanding of your need to often ‘just get the job done’ means we’re flexible and able to do the work.

We’re not a small charity design agency, but we’re based in rural Oxfordshire, so we leverage our lower overheads to provide you with a more cost-effective option for what we call ‘bread & butter’ projects – the everyday stuff that doesn’t warrant Soho-based agency rates.

Creative without compromise.

Saving you money does not mean cutting the creative quality of the work.

At Toast, you can deal directly with the designer that is working on your project – this can save time and budget and gets things done quicker.

Experienced project management.

Our designers are experienced in managing their own accounts. We save further budget by removing account management from the quoting process and we’re not big fans of unnecessary meetings either.

The vast majority of work we do is conducted remotely via phone, Basecamp (for project comms) or email.

Obviously, we like to meet you to start with, but we then like to keep our quotes keen by not adding in costs for extra stuff.

Being able to simply phone through a round of amends to our designers and have them back over to you in 15 minutes rather than emailing an account managers blackhole of an inbox makes a real difference.


Get a taste of Toast.

We know that commissioning a new charity design agency for a project can be a risk.

If you’ve been working with another design team, there often has to be a good reason to look elsewhere.

However, if your current design team has gone off the boil, seem to be getting a little too expensive or you find you’re having to spoonfeed them, give us a call.

Let’s start with something small.

Put a smaller project our way or have us provide a fresh look at something you have in progress – we know we’re not going to be producing your next huge campaign from the get-go, so let’s see how well we fit.

We’ve retained many of our charity and NFP clients for over a decade, so we like to think we’re getting it right.

If you’d like to talk about how we can work with you, talk to Dave on 01295 266644 or complete the form below – we’ll then get in touch.

We don’t have sales people and we’re not all about the cash – we’re about what we can do for you within whatever budget you have – we call this Pencil Power – speak to Dave to find out more.

Leaflet Design Example

We’re informal and informed.

Running a small business like Toast is hard, but running a charity is undoubtedly harder.

We have a laid-back and informal culture at Toast Towers, but behind this is commercial understanding and business acumen.

Your sector is competitive and your market can be fickle. With so many charities competing for the same pound, your creative partner needs to understand this and engage with it.

Whether this is reflected in the speed and efficiency of the charity design service we provide or through strategic insight that increases conversion rates, you need a creative charity design expert that you can have these sorts of conversations with.

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